• A street market in South London. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Students in a Qualitative Research Methods class and members of the APO Service Learning fraternity celebrate Halloween 2009 with children at the East Burlington Community Center. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Apple pressing in Cowee, NC 2008 as part of research conducting through PERCS. Photo credit Kirsten Rhodes.
  • NC potter Mark Hewitt with a clay coil for a large pot in Pittsboro, NC 2005. Photo credit Tom Mould.
  • A young woman getting her lip pierced at Kingpin Tattoo in Greensboro, NC 2002. Photo credit Lauren Vilis & Samiha Khanna.


Refugee & Immigrant Communities in NC: A Panel Discussion 

Monday, October 20, 2014
New Refugee and Immigrant Communities in Greensboro: A Panel Discussion
Global Neighborhood, Global Commons, Media Room (Room 103), 6:30 p.m.

Come and join a panel discussion on the needs, challenges and opportunities for resettlement and adjustment of new refugees and immigrants in Greensboro. This conversation will be moderated by Elon faculty members of PERCS: Elon's Program for Ethnographic Research & Community Studies, Elon's Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic, and by representatives from the nonprofit organizations North Carolina African Services Coalition (NCASC) and the Center for New North Carolinians (CNNC). Speakers will share ideas for developing collaborative relationships and the development of partnerships in service, student and faculty research, and community engagement among these organizations including PERCS, Elon's Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic , NCASC, CNNC, the Elon Global Neighborhood students; and students and faculty from across the campus in diverse disciplines, majors, and schools in 2014-2015 and beyond. 

This event is sponsored by Elon, PERCS, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Elon Global Neighborhood Association, the Sociology and Anthropology Student Club, Lambda Alpha, Alpha Kappa Delta  and the International Living and Learning Community.

PERCS Continues the  Voices of Welfare Project

PERCS, Elon’s Program for Ethnographic Research and Community Studies, has launched a multi-year, collaborative ethnographic research project to bring community members, students and faculty together to address the issue of how narratives shape our understanding of public assistance programs and the people who are the recipients of government economic aid. Check out our website at: http://blogs.elon.edu/voicesofwelfare/

Click here to for more PERCS news about the Voices of Welfare project. 


Featured Work

Follow The Voices

PERCS is working to examine the system of public assistance in contemporary and historical contexts. Members of PERCS conduct fieldwork in Alamance county to record the stories people share about their views and experiences with public assistance. Check it out.

Hindu Worship Traditions

Amy Allocco, assistant professor of religious studies, has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork in South India for her book on contemporary Hindu snake worship traditions. Read more about Hindu Worship Traditions.