Related Courses at Elon

ANT-1120: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4 sh)

This introduction to the study of human cultures focuses on the diversity of human cultures around the globe. It presents basic concepts, theories and methods used by anthropologists studying people and culture. Topics span human cultural evolution, social organization, marriage and family, making a living, economics, politics, religion and human problems related to issues of globalization among others.

ANT-2150: Qualitative Research Methods (4 sh)

This course examines the ways qualitative analyses (non-numerical data) help social
scientists explore questions of meaning within specifi c social and cultural contexts, and
historical moments. Specifi c topics include: participant observation, focus groups, open-
ended interviewing, thematic coding, archival research and data analysis with a qualitative
computer software program. The complementary relationship between qualitative and
quantitative research methods will be considered, with a sustained focus on the particular
strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research design. Prerequisite: SOC-1110 or ANT-1120. Cross listed as SOC 2150.

ANT-3701: Disability Justice (4 sh)

This course offers an introduction to Critical Disability Studies to consider how individuals, cultures, and institutions ‘dis-able’ people systemically and socially. It will highlight experts’ voices, especially disabled activists, as they seek to advance disability justice, a framework that highlights intersectionality and the lived experiences of disabled people of color, specifically disabled queer women, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals, who have been excluded, silenced, and ignored by the mainstream disability rights movement. Concepts explored will include self-care, collective liberation, interdependence, and the ways in which ableism is rooted in white supremacy. Through readings, films, guest speakers, written assignments, group presentations, and discussions, students will gain familiarity with critical disability studies approaches to analyze ableist cultural attitudes and practices and envision forms of activism that center people with disabilities in the larger quest for social justice.

ANT-3702: Anthropology of the Internet (4 sh)

Contemporary engagement with Internet technologies has become wildly pervasive. We live so much of our lives in the digital that we take its existence and its place in our daily experiences for granted. Avoiding that tendency, this course asks the following questions: What actually is “the Internet”? What do people do in these digital spaces? Who/what lies behind/beneath/within them? How do we do anthropology in/about the Internet? Through course readings, critical discussion, and focused writing assignments, we will explore how Internet technologies are changing our lives and how anthropology is currently addressing these changes.

ANT-3850: Culture and Business (4 sh)

The course is an in-depth, hands on exploration of the interplay between elements of culture, social institutions and business settings. The professor will guide students through an understanding of the concepts of culture and social institutions. Students will be required to investigate, through research as well as through reflection, how the culture and social institutions of a particular country or world region of their choosing is essential to various aspects of business such as product development, marketing, and preparation for an international business trip and/or meeting.

ANT-4970: Anthropology Senior Seminar (4 sh)

This capstone course reviews major areas of anthropology and provides further opportunity to share
research on these topics. Students conduct research ranging from how anthropological knowledge
can be applied occupationally and politically to more basic, academic topics. Students compile a
senior intellectual portfolio that includes examples of their academic achievements across their years
of anthropological study; therefore, students should be mindful of this requirement and retain electronic copies of work that they may want to include in this portfolio. Prerequisites: ANT 2150, ANT 2160, ANT 3610 and senior ANT major status.

ANT-4999 Independent Research (1 to 4 sh)

This student develops an individual project of original research under the guidance of a professor within the department. Prerequisites: At least sophomore standing; anthropology major or minor; satisfactory completion of ANT 215 or ANT 216 and permission of the sponsoring professor. Students are also required to complete the department’s Independent Research form, a process that includes a description of the proposed research and a student-professor plan for completing the course. Prerequisites:¬†ANT 2150 ANT 2160.

REL-3610: Women, Religion, and Ethnography (4 sh)

This course introduces students to contemporary women’s religious lives, ritual performances, and bodily practices across several traditions. Because they foreground the everyday, lived religious experiences of women and offer us access to women’s own voices and perspectives, our primary sources will be ethnographic studies.