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  • A street market in South London. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Students in a Qualitative Research Methods class and members of the APO Service Learning fraternity celebrate Halloween 2009 with children at the East Burlington Community Center. Photo credit Kim Jones.
  • Apple pressing in Cowee, NC 2008 as part of research conducting through PERCS. Photo credit Kirsten Rhodes.
  • NC potter Mark Hewitt with a clay coil for a large pot in Pittsboro, NC 2005. Photo credit Tom Mould.
  • A young woman getting her lip pierced at Kingpin Tattoo in Greensboro, NC 2002. Photo credit Lauren Vilis & Samiha Khanna.


Tom Mould
(336) 278-5746


  • Methods & Theories: ethnographic methods, peformance theory, indigenous hermeneutics
  • Interests: folklore, oral traditions, prophecy, southern culture
  • Projects: American Indian narrative, North Carolina pottery, African American stepping, Latter-day Saint prophecy

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Amy Allocco
Religious Studies
(336) 278-6484

  • Methods & Theories: ethnographic methods, performance theory, ritual studies
  • Interests: gender and religion; personal narratives and life histories; possession and embodiment; ritual innovation and religious change
  • Projects: contemporary Hindu women's ritual practices; snake goddesses and fertility rituals; ancestor worship, lineage deities and possession by the dead

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Anne Bolin
(336) 278-6443

  • Research Interests: Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia); Indigenous Australia, United States, gender: women/men/gender variance, gender identity, embodiment, beauty, sexology;
  • Projects: Ethnographic research in physique culture including men’s and women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, cultures of working out and exercise; international encyclopedia of sexuality
  • Methods/Theories: ethnography, auto-ethnography, feminist anthropology, meanings and symbols

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Lee Bush
(336) 278-5778

  • Interests: Brand marketing and integrated communications
  • Methods & Theories: Ethnography in trend analysis and brand development
  • Projects: Applied research in media and communications

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Alexa Darby
(336) 278-6405

  • Methods & Theories: ethnographic methods, mixed methods, discourse analysis, and conversational analysis
  • Interests: program evaluation, teachers emotions in NCLB, academic service learning, teaching qualitative methods
  • Projects: First Year Teacher Emotions, Program Evaulations of American Red Cross, Emotions in Academic Service Learning, and teaching undergraduates methods in program evaluation

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Michelle Ferrier
(336) 278-5737

  • Interests: Online communities, online learning, virtual environments, digital advocacy, user interface design, advertising, strategic communications and branding
  • Projects: Ethnographic research in quilting communities, farmers’ markets and local food conversations, status of people of color in the new media landscape
  • Methods/Theories: digital ethnography, ethnography, cultural studies, discourse analysis, auto-ethnography

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Ken Hassell
(336) 278-5719

  • Interests: Art and photography (aesthetic, conceptual and technical), documentary photography/visual anthropology, critical theory in photography, representation of other cultures, oral history, Appalachian/mountain culture and coal mining culture, labor/factory workers
  • Projects: A Life of Coal is a long-range documentary photography project examining coal mining and Appalachian culture in southwestern Virginia, West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. My work has been exhibited in galleries and colleges throughout the country. Currently collaborating with author Lee Smith on a monograph.

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Bird Stasz
(336) 278-5881

  • Interests: ethnography as it relates to preservation of community and narrative
  • Projects: Most recent book: And That’s the Way of It: Life in a Maine Village 1907-2002

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