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The Elon Experiences Transcript (EET) is housed within Elon’s Division of Student Life and is managed by the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.

The EET is administered through the Datatel computer software system and maintained by the staff of Application Technologies.  All experiences are validated by the individual departments (Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement, Student Organization Development, Isabella Cannon International Centre, Undergraduate Research, and Elon's Office of Career Services) and are uploaded into the Elon Experiences Transcript program at the end of each semester.  More specifically, the Kernodle Center has student leaders at each service site verify which students do service and for how many hours; this information is entered into Microsoft Access database by student coordinators throughout the semester.  Leadership positions are verified each semester via membership/leadership rosters for each student organizations or university program; this information is entered directly into Datatel.  Study Abroad and Internships receive course credit, and are contained within the Registrar’s file in datatel. The Undergraduate Research Office maintains students’ presentations and projects in an Access file.  At the end of each semester, data from these sources are all pulled into the Elon Experiences Transcript file in datatel.  The EET program was first written in 1994 by staff in Elon’s Office of Application Technologies.

Students can request up to ten free copies of their EET and frequently use the EET for graduate school and employment applications as a companion document to their academic transcripts and resumes.  Students receive their EET in a jacket with the Elon University Logo on the outside cover and detailed explanations of each of the Elon Experiences on the inside.

The EET is viewable by students, similar to their academic transcript audit, through the Datatel WebAdvisor program.  Students log in to view their EET and click on a link with changes/corrections and to request copies.  Juniors and seniors are emailed each semester asking them to perform this function and request changes and corrections.

Each year the data collected from the five Elon Experiences is compiled and published in the Elon Experiences Year End Report.  The report is distributed to faculty and staff within the university and used as an external resource to document student involvement.

For information on the Student life uses and practices associated with the Elon Experiences Transcript please contact Evan Heiser, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at