Visual Experiential Transcript FAQ

Can I still get the original Elon Experiences Transcript?

Yes. You may still order the traditional version of the experiential transcript, and it can be combined with your academic transcript.

Can I get the Visual EXP on paper?

The Visual EXP is a digital-only document and cannot be requested on paper.

How much does the Visual EXP cost?

This document is free of charge in its first year (2016-2017).

How do I download the Visual EXP?

Once you successfully place an order through the Registrar’s website, you will receive an email with a link to download the Visual EXP as a PDF. Be sure that you download your document within thirty days or the link will expire.

How do I upload the Visual EXP to LinkedIn?

Navigate to the editing interface on your LinkedIn profile. Under your Education section, click “Document” from the Add Media tools. You may upload the pdf there.

Can I see my experiences online before ordering the Visual EXP?

Yes. To view your experiences, log in to OnTrack and select the Students menu. Under the academic profile section, click on Elon Experiences.

An experience is missing from my Elon Experiences Transcript. How can I update this document?

If you find that an experience is missing from your Elon Experiences Transcript, please contact Megan Noltemeyer in the Office of the Vice President for Student Life at:

Is the Visual EXP available to alumni?

The Visual EXP is not currently available to alumni, but they may still order the original Elon Experiences Transcript.