Elon University
2010-2011 Institutional Priorities

An unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement

1. Develop and implement an international fellows program

2. In conjunction with appropriate departments throughout the university, fully develop and publicize the Elon Commitment scholarships

3. Further develop spiritual and religious life on campus:

a. Respond to recommendations from the Multi-faith Center and Religious Community Houses Committee, finalize construction designs and raise funds for a multi-faith center

b. Offer a weekly Protestant worship service in Holt Chapel

c. Plan a multi-faith learning community for Fall 2011

d. Conduct a successful search for a new university chaplain

4. Continue implementation of recommendations from the report on the expansion of the role of the Multicultural Center

a. Appoint a multicultural faculty fellow and begin collaboration with CATL on infusion of multicultural education into curricular and co-curricular programs

b. Implement a Safe Zone program to support GLBT students

c. Further infuse multicultural education into the fall student leadership training and new student orientation

d. Form a campus-wide task force to develop an ADA transition plan, including a safety, disabilities, and ADA review of campus facilities

Supporting a world-class faculty and staff

5. Enhance a strong faculty/staff professional and leadership development program, conducting a search for a leadership development director and implementing clearly defined development programs for department chairs, staff and staff supervisors

6. Review teaching, research, and service expectations for faculty performance as teacher-scholars

a. Implement recommendations from the Task Force on Service

b. Work with Academic Council to create an ad hoc committee charged to explore and propose processes that would enhance the breadth and richness of information with the promotion and/or tenure process, while maintaining the benefits of the current independent, multi-channeled structure.

Attaining the highest levels of achievement across our academic and student life programs

7. Complete the review of General Studies and plan for implementation

8. Begin preparation for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) re-accreditation

a. Review university mission statement

b. Organize and implement assessment plan for all units

c. Assign core requirements (CR) and comprehensive standards (CS) to be answered

d. Select coordinator(s) for Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) oversight

9. Continue development of the School of Law

a. Achieve full approval from the ABA

b. Achieve a bar passage rate of at least 80 percent

c. Enroll a talented and diverse class of 125 students with a median LSAT of 156 and a median GPA of 3.25 for Fall 2011

d. Launch a comprehensive review of the law school curriculum in preparation for membership in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

e. Host a successful Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition

10. Continue development of the School of Education partnership with the Alamance-Burlington School System

a. Establish a coordinated network of secondary school programs for teacher preparation, professional development and research

b. Provide increased professional development and research in and for elementary and middle-grade partner schools

c. Expand the Elon Academy to be a national model of successful college entry and first-year college success and retention

11. Continue implementation of recommendations from the Presidential Task Force on Scholarship

a. Advance efforts to increase the percentage of full-time faculty overall and particularly in first-year courses; evaluate processes and policies related to reassigned-time practices

b. Enhance the capabilities and capacities of Sponsored Programs; conduct a search for an assistant director, develop proposals to enhance accounting and compliance functions, and increase the amount of funds raised from grants by 15 percent to $475,000

12. Enhance the National and International Fellowships Program by providing additional support to assist students applying for national and international fellowships

a. Convert coordinator of national and international fellowships to director with expanded duties

b. Develop plans to hire an associate director with experience in fellowship advising or relevant areas through the National Association of Fellowship Advisors

13. Identify criteria and benchmarks that establish clear academic affairs and student life goals to guide planning and assess progress toward the Elon Commitment goal of “attaining the highest level of academic achievement.”

14. Finalize plans for an online journal of undergraduate research to begin fall 2011

15. Re-envision student leadership programs and plan steps to deepen academic connections, including constituting a leadership advisory committee

16. Establish an Elon Campus Kitchen in collaboration with Aramark and National Campus Kitchen

17. Hold a Greek life summit of student leaders, alumni and national representatives to better align chapter goals and functioning with core values and missions of the organizations and university

18. Continue to implement recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Alcohol

a. Research and develop an awareness of and educational program on the dangers of rapid alcohol intake

b. Create an alcohol-free living option for the fall of 2011

c. Develop ways to reduce high-risk alcohol use around SURF Day

d. In partnership with a communications class, create and implement an educational campaign for students and parents on non-medical prescription drug abuse

e. Research and consider implementing a smoke-free or tobacco-free campus

19. In partnership with faculty and academic leadership,

a. Research and test Moodle as an alternative to Blackboard Learning System

b. Assist in advancing new learning spaces incorporating technology and in advancing the appropriate pedagogy integration with the technology

c. Implement phase I of virtual desktops and virtual software; evaluate Phase I and plan Phase II

Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and graduate education

20. Complete final steps (funding and facility) of feasibility study for a new physician assistant graduate program and present proposals to review bodies, including the university board of trustees; if approved, begin implementation of new program

21. Complete final steps (funding and facility) of feasibility study for an expanded program in physical therapy and present proposals to review bodies, including the university board of trustees; if approved, begin implementation of expanded program

22. Continue development of a premier career services center

a. Plan for new/expanded space

b. Secure more employer partners and increase alumni and parent contacts to the Elon Career Network

c. Pilot department-specific career-oriented professional development programs in arts and sciences (mathematics, computing sciences, engineering) and work with staff in the Love School of Business to develop and implement school-specific services

d. Explore a post-study abroad career initiative with the dean of international studies

23. Develop plans for gap-year programs to support students in transition from high school to college

Stewarding Elon’s commitment to remain a best-value university

24. Enroll 1,400 freshmen reflecting Elon values, especially academic ability, diversity, and a well-rounded high school experience that fits Elon’s style of engaged learning. The majority of these students will fall within a total SAT range of 1730 – 1950 with an average of 1820.

25. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals:

a. DPT: Enroll 36 students in January 2011

b. M.Ed.: Enroll 36 students in summer 2010

c. MA iMedia: Enroll 36 students in summer 2010

d. MBA: Enroll 55 students in AY 2010-11

26. Continue to build a culture of philanthropy across the Elon campus

27. Progress the Ever Elon Campaign to $95 million in gifts and pledges raised by May 31, 2011, in preparation for successful completion of the campaign by December 31, 2011

28. Raise $4.4 million in undesignated and designated annual gifts

a. Raise $2,037,000 in gifts to the Elon Fund, including $1 million in the Parents/Grandparents Fund

b. Raise $2,000,000 in designated annual gifts

c. Raise $400,000 in annual scholarship support for the School of Law

29. Make significant progress toward advancing alumni annual giving participation to 30 percent

Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate

30. Complete and begin executing an alumni relations five-year strategic plan and an African-American Alumni five-year strategic plan in concert with the Elon Commitment

31. Continue expansion of social media communications, including new Facebook pages for academic divisions and creative approaches to increase alumni engagement with and support of the university

Establishing a national tournament tradition of athletics success along with the highest academic standards for Phoenix athletics

32. Successfully complete NCAA re-certification process

33. Meet fundraising goals – Phoenix Club $940,000, Endowment $300,000, Capital $1,000,000 for Alumni Gym Phase I

34. Advance the gender equity plan by developing plans for Phase I of the softball field relocation project and adding three scholarships for women’s sports programs

Significantly enhancing Elon’s campus with premier new academic and resident facilities and a commitment to protecting our environment

35. Articulate vision of the residential campus and begin implementation of the Residential Campus Committee report with broad campus participation

36. Develop retail opportunities in downtown Elon; hire consultant for implementation stage, identify properties or locales for development, and begin negotiations for agreements

37. Support progress toward Climate Action Plan implementation

a. Strengthen student peer education program for sustainability (Eco-Reps)

b. Conduct a FY 2011 greenhouse gas inventory

c. Complete the move to full green purchasing where feasible

38. Develop plans to create a land preserve, the Elon Forest, to protect a large green space north of University Drive

39. Complete planning for the following construction projects:

a. Physician Assistant program facilities
b. Physical Therapy possible relocation
c. Science facility needs, including reallocation of space in McMichael after departure of DPT
d. North Area housing and dining hall
e. Multi-faith Center
f. School of Communications facility needs
g. Senior class housing
h. Smithfield facility renovation
i. Renovation of Koury Field House
j. Renovation of Koury Center
k. Parking lot expansion
l. School of Education expansion
m. Career services facilities

40. Complete construction of the following projects:

a. New Greek Houses by July 29, 2011
b. Geothermal at Colonnades ABCDE by July 29, 2011
c. Colonnades Housing CDE by July 29, 2011
d. Alumni Field House
e. Alumni Gym Renovation
f. Latham Park field renovation