Meaningful Gift

As the anatomy faculty for Elon University, no gift could possibly be more meaningful to us than the gift you are contemplating today. Each of us has found the anatomic donors we work alongside in our lab to be the best teachers our students can possibly have. We see firsthand when students begin to realize not just the academic “correct answers” about bones, nerves, muscles and organs, but the holistic understanding of the human body, and in fact the human condition. We watch generated curiosity through discoveries of aspects related to clinical knowledge, the development of empathy, the wonder of realization, and the beautiful understanding that everything in human existence is connected and related. These understandings are at the heart of what makes a truly good caregiver or health scientist, and our students have these skills and graces because of people like you. Thank You.

Janet M. Cope, PhD, OTR/L
Clinical Anatomist
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Jennifer K Uno, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of the Civic Engagement Scholars

Cynthia C. Bennett, MD
Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies

Matthew Clark, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology

Eric E Bauer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology