El Centro After 5

El Centro extended its hours on February 2017, from 5:00pm-9:00pm, Monday to Thursday; to serve as a Resource Center for Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic Community. “El Centro After 5”  provides services and programs that support the collegiate experience of our Latinx/Hispanic students, while sharing and educating the rest of the community on the culture of the Latinx/Hispanic population in the US and abroad.

The CREDE and El Centro seek to meet the needs of our ever-changing student population through advising, outreach, referrals, and collaborative initiatives. We offer a variety of programs that range in focus. Whether it is simply a social, an educational, a cultural program, or a professional networking event, our vibrant mix of programs is aimed to unite, strengthen, and celebrate Elon’s Latinx/Hispanic community.

Programs for Latinx/Hispanic students include:

Spanish classes for Heritage Speakers

This Spring semester 2019, El Centro After 5 will be offering Spanish classes for Heritage speakers who would like to improve their language skills. This course is designed specifically for native or heritage speakers of Spanish with some oral proficiency but little or no formal training in the language. Generally, these are learners who were raised in homes where Spanish was spoken.

So, why taking Spanish for Heritage Speakers is incredibly beneficial?

  1. Polish both oral and written language skills.
  2. Learn more about your language and your cultural heritage.
  3. Meet students with similar backgrounds, interests and experiences.
  4. Gain awareness and understanding of the Latinx/Hispanic cultures, identities and communities in the US, language variation, geography, history, customs and traditions, current events, music, arts and food.
  5. Increase career and internship opportunities.



Café con Leche Conversations

This is an open monthly gathering of Latinx/Hispanic students to meet each other and discuss informally what college life at Elon is like for them. This forum is a safe space to learn from each other and help create a system at Elon that not only will support you while you are here, but will also provide the tools you need to succeed at Elon and beyond.

Social Gatherings

Latinx/Hispanic students plan different events throughout the year. Whether it is hiking, rock climbing, dancing, watching a movie, or just hanging out, these events provide an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction.