Computer Lab / Printing

Student Computer Lab

The Elon Law Library has one public computer lab with 26 PCs. Our computer lab is located in the lower level of the library. The computer lab operates the same hours as the Law Library.


Elon students, faculty and staff may use printers located throughout the law school in the computer lab, library mezzanine, and Cemala Commons. To install and configure your personal laptop to print to these printers you need to download the appropriate device drivers (upgraded summer 2014) from the Print Management website.

The LexisNexis printer is also located outside the computer lab.

Any questions or concerns please contact the helpdesk at 336-278-5200.

Patrons who are not current students, faculty or staff cannot access the printers and should bring a personal USB drive (thumb drive) to save their research.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Elon technology website provides a lot of information and documentation. Many helpful how-to documents can be found there by searching the technology wiki.

What kind of computer do I need?

Elon recommends a laptop computer for students, faculty, and staff. Please go to the Purchasing a Computer portion of the technology wiki for minimum recommended laptop specifications. This page also provides links to a few vendors where Elon students, faculty, and staff can purchase a computer for a discounted price.

Please see below for system requirements for ExamSoft if you plan on taking your exams on your computer.

How do I log in to the lab computers?


Username: full e-mail address (
Password: e-mail password


Username: e-mail username
Password: e-mail password

Do I need a computer for exams?

Laptop computers have become an important tool for most law students. The vast majority of students use them to write answers to essay questions on in-class examinations. If you choose not to use a laptop computer for examinations, you will be permitted to hand write your answers. Students choosing to take exams on laptops are responsible for providing their own computer for exams.

What are the system requirements for running the exam software?

You can go to the ExamSoft webpage to view information about the software.

To view system requirements, click the “Minimum System Requirements” at the top of the page.

Please note: Older Macintosh laptops cannot be used to take laptop exams and using a Windows emulator (such as Parallels) is not permitted.

Can we get any software through the university?

Elon University has partnered with e-academy to offer convenient Microsoft product downloads to members of the Elon community. The partnership includes a no-cost Microsoft Office (Mac or PC) and Microsoft Forefront EndPoint Protection 2010 download, as well as the opportunity to purchase a Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade license.

To access information about E-Academy please visit that page on our wiki.