Elon Academy scholars & FRANK Gallery exhibit closing reception – April 27

The FRANK Community Outreach Gallery is hosting a month-long exhibition titled "Photographic Explorations of Cultural Identity, Family, and Community."


Photographic work from the Elon Academy Scholars Photography Inquiry workshop will be exhibited at FRANK Community Outreach Gallery in Chapel Hill this spring with a closing reception open to the public on April 27, 2013, from 12:15-1:15 p.m.

FRANK Gallery
109 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

FRANK artists and educators Barbara Tyroler, Peter Filene and Nerys Levy, along with FRANK gallery manager Torey Mishoe, welcome student scholars who will discuss their work with a reception to follow.

This program is the culmination of the Elon Academy photography Inquiry Project taught by Tyroler. In this class, students explored identity, family, art and culture. Through exercises using photography, journal writing, role-play, and group discussion, students consider issues of gender, identity, race and ethnicity.

The visit is part of a larger month-long exhibit of scholars’ work that runs April 9 through May 4 titled “Photographic Explorations of Cultural Identity, Family, and Community.”

Elon Academy photographers include:

Katie Durham, Eta Class

Kaitlyn Cardwell, Eta Class

Zydae Joyner, Epsilon Class

Jessica Judy, Eta Class

Annie Kong, Epsilon Class

Taylor Moore, Eta Class

Kimberly Romero, Epsilon Class

Jada Williams, Epsilon Class

Madeline Wilvers, Eta Class

The project is supported in part by:

For more information about the exhibition, contact project coordinator Barbara Tyroler at btyroler@btyroler.com

For more information about Elon Academy, contact Professor Deborah Long at dlong@elon.edu

The mission of the Elon Academy is to inspire academically promising students who are often underrepresented on college campuses to pursue higher education, develop leadership skills and develop an active sense of social responsibility. 

FRANK Gallery’s Educational Arts Outreach program is committed to providing opportunities for educational arts programming for a diversity of populations including children and teens, and those with special needs. For 2013, FRANK will be partnering with several programs through its “Focus on Outreach Through Expressive Art Projects” community arts efforts.

The Bruce J. Heim Foundation was established in 1986 to provide financial assistance to causes that will help people, especially young people with potential for excellence in an area of interest. The programs supported should allow participants to achieve their full potential.  As a beneficiary of grant funding, the Foundation trusts that recipients will be encouraged at an appropriate time in their lives to emulate the help they received through their own support and involvement with philanthropic causes.

Last year’s exhibition may be viewed at http://www.btyroler.com/FRANKandEA/.