Kristina Krasich speaks on ‘solving the problem of consciousness’ with Discover Magazine

Krasich, assistant professor of psychology, was featured in the recent article from Discover Magazine.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Kristina Krasich

Assistant Professor of Psychology Kristina Krasich was featured in a recent article in Discover Magazine on the problem of consciousness.

Krasich, who is also a two-time winner of the Neurophilosophy of Free Will World Wide Competition, said there has been considerable progress in recent years on the issue. 

“We’ve been at least able to assess what I will call enabling conditions, what allows consciousness to emerge, or at the very least, what conditions prevent consciousness from occurring,” Krasich told reporter Avery Hurt. Much of this progress, Krasich said, is due to better technologies for studying the brain in action.

While Krasich said she is hopeful this problem will be solved, she acknowledges that the road ahead is unclear. One thing she said with certainty is that the answer will be found through interdisciplinary collaboration.

“I don’t think that my field of study will have the answer. I don’t think that computer science will have the answer. I think that it will be an interdisciplinary answer,” Krasich said.

The full article can be read on Discover’s website.