Elon Sports Vision welcomes new Coordinating Producer Claire Geary

The 2022 Ohio University graduate moved into the role in July.

As an undergraduate at Ohio University, Claire Geary served as on-air talent for Ohio University ESPN3, head coordinator of broadcasting at Ohio Athletics, and a high school sports reporter for WOUB Public Media. Additionally, she was the recipient of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award. Upon graduation, she accepted a role as a digital content producer for WEWS-News 5 in Cleveland. But her journey in the sports broadcasting industry began well before she arrived in Athens, Ohio.

Claire Geary, Coordinating Producer, Elon Sports Vision

She grew up playing softball in Avon Lake, Ohio, but found her passion on the football field while serving as the public address announcer for her brother’s youth tackle team, coached by her father. Those early experiences fostered a connection to sports, but also made her realize she wanted to explore her success on the sidelines rather than on the field.

Today, Geary serves as the new coordinating producer for Elon Sports Vision, a role that allows her to draw upon her wide range of experience in sports broadcasting and skills she learned on-air and on the field.

As coordinating producer, Geary oversees the training, mentoring and scheduling of more than 60 student employees, who serve as production staff for Elon Athletics broadcasts. Students work as camera operators, graphic operators, replay, audio, on-air talent, sideline operating, and so much more. Their work helps create the sports content that the Elon community enjoys, and Geary’s support helps their broadcasts become a reality.

“I’m just the captain of the ship, driving the boat through the waters to make it to the next destination, which is the end of the game.” Geary said.

Geary’s passion for sports broadcasting developed in high school when she served as an announcer offering play-by-play and color commentary for Lorain County Community College’s women’s basketball team. She went on to major in journalism and minor in sports management at Ohio University’s E.W Scripps School of Journalism.

“The academic side of things at the university is very historic and ethically driven,” Geary said. “So, I knew I was getting a great education from the start.”

Geary’s studies at OU served as a first stepping stone toward achieving her ultimate goal of becoming a sports broadcaster. She said her position with Elon Sports Vision moves her further along her chosen career path.

“I was applying to jobs outside of Ohio for the sake of getting out, exploring, doing something different and being in a new part of the world,” Geary said. “But ultimately, it came down to who was going to value me as an employee and as a person.”

In her role as coordinating producer, she reports to both Elon Athletics and the School of Communications, working one-on-one with students on their content production.

“Every day looks different, which is awesome,” Geary said. “But it all surrounds the student ultimately.”

The new role for Geary has made her feel more confident taking on new opportunities to help advance her own career goals in sports broadcasting. In addition to her responsibilities at Elon, she works as a freelancer for UNC-Greensboro on its volleyball broadcasts. She also continues to work in digital content. And Geary freelances for Golf Space Collective, a digital marketing firm specific to golf industry clients.

“I’m still actively working in the industry.” Geary said. “Regardless of what it looks like, it’s still driving me closer towards the end goal. It’s just not a linear path.”

Geary said her interest in sports broadcasting stems from the passion she sees in student-athletes, noting that her work in high school football has been particularly rewarding.

“It isn’t about becoming pro or semi-pro for them,” Geary said about her time working with high school football programs. “It’s just true student-athlete passion.”

It’s a similar passion Geary has felt since her days supporting her dad’s youth tackle team, and that continues to inspire her work at Elon.