Kerrii Anderson“Connie Book has a deep appreciation of Elon’s history, culture, academic programs and student-centered values. Her distinguished 16-year career at Elon, combined with her senior leadership experience and many accomplishments at The Citadel, made her the unanimous choice of the board of trustees. This announcement of Elon’s first female president is a historic milestone and I invite all members of our community to welcome and congratulate Dr. Book on her selection. She is the right leader at the right time and we look forward to the ways she will advance our university.”

Kerrii Anderson ’79, chair of the Elon University Board of Trustees

Wes Elingburg“Consistently, we heard from candidates that the Elon presidency was one of the top professional opportunities in higher education. We gave serious consideration to many talented and impressive candidates. From the beginning, Connie Book stood out above all others. She is a passionate mentor for students, a skilled administrator with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the university and a strategic thinker who understands the challenges and opportunities facing higher education. She will be a great leader in the tradition of presidents Leo Lambert, Fred Young and Earl Danieley.”

– Wes Elingburg P’11, trustee and chair of the Presidential Search Committee

President Leo M. Lambert“President-elect Connie Ledoux Book has been my close colleague and friend for the better part of two decades. She was a valued member of my senior leadership team for many years and I came to rely on her judgment, insight and innovative and collaborative spirit. She is incredibly smart, deeply understands Elon’s culture and values, and has a warm, engaging way about her. I have every confidence in President-elect Book’s capacity to lead Elon brilliantly, and look forward to watching her continuing success.”

– Leo M. Lambert, Elon University’s eighth president

Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa“Dr. Connie Book has been a pleasure to work with over the last several years. Her dynamic leadership has set conditions for The Citadel to flourish, developing academic programs to fulfill the objectives in our strategic plan and setting application and enrollment records along the way. Her service to our institution was nothing short of extraordinary. We are proud to see her advance to the presidency of Elon University and look forward to watching the impact of her leadership.”

– Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, president, The Citadel

Richard J. Light“Elon University has made an absolutely wonderful selection, choosing Connie Book to be its next president. I couldn’t imagine a more imaginative, creative and likable campus leader. She was an active participant in an advanced graduate class that I led, focusing on challenges facing strong, modern American universities. I think that often Connie taught the students as much as I did. Sometimes even more. Elon University has made a spectacular choice for its next president. Connie Book truly exemplifies excellence.”

Richard J. Light, Pforzheimer Professor of Teaching and Learning, Harvard University; renowned higher education scholar and author

Morgan Bodenarain“I am incredibly excited to welcome our new president to campus. Dr. Book has shown an exceptional dedication to students throughout her career. Her excitement about working closely with the student body and ensuring that our campus remains an inclusive community highlights her embodiment of Elon’s values. As a student leader and senior, I am delighted to see her leadership brought back to this campus and see what she will accomplish over her tenure.”

Morgan Bodenarain ’18, executive president, Elon Student Government Association