Before you Apply

It is the responsibility of the student to understand remaining degree requirements and schedule final courses appropriately.

My Progress

My Progress is the official advising tool. It is used to determine if you are eligible to graduate, so it is crucial that you run it often and review it with your advisor to ensure you are on track. If you have questions about your progress after speaking with your advisor, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

Before you submit your application, run your progress to verify your program information is correct. Are the correct majors, specializations, and minors listed? If not, email to correct it before you apply.

Your FERPA Rights

Your name and program information may be published on the Graduation Candidates List and in the Commencement Program. If you do not want your name included in these publications, please submit a FERPA Directory Hold to our office.

Applying for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation by the deadline corresponding to their desired graduation term:

Graduation Term Deadline to Apply* Graduation Date
Fall 2023 August 28, 2023 December 15, 2023
Winter 2024 October 31, 2023 January 30, 2024
Spring 2024 October 31, 2023 May 24, 2024
Summer 2024 October 31, 2023 August 2, 2024

*For graduate students, please reach out to your respective program coordinators as deadlines may vary.

Access the graduation application using your OnTrack username and password. For an explanation of the application questions, please refer to the Application Guide below.

Application Guide

  • Graduation Term – the term in which you plan to graduate. All undergraduates should choose one of the non-specific terms (ie. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer II).  For graduate students, if you are a part of iMedia, MHE, MED, or MSA programs you will also select one of these terms.  MBA, MSBA, Law, DPT, and PA students will choose program specific terms (ie. MBA/MSBA Spring, Law Fall
  • Preferred Name on Diploma – how your name will appear on your diploma and in the commencement program.
    e.g. John Andre Doe Jr.
  • Name to Call at Ceremony – which two names you want announced as you walk across the stage. This is typically the first and last or middle and last name, with the exception of double or hyphenated names.
    e.g. Andre Doe
  • Phonetic Spelling – how to pronounce your name, if different than what we might expect.
    e.g. AWN-dray
  • Hometown – the city and state (or international equivalent) where you are from. This is printed in the commencement program. Please avoid abbreviations.
    e.g. Elon, North Carolina
  • Seeking Two Degrees – indicates you plan on earning two degrees (this is different than two majors). For more information, check the Earning Two Undergraduate Degrees catalog requirements prior to toggling yes on the application.
    e.g. Yes – Andre earns a BSBA in Finance and also a BFA in Acting
    e.g. No – Andre earns BS in Computer Science with a second major in Marketing
  • Attend Commencement – indicates if you plan on attending the commencement ceremony in the spring. If you graduate in the fall, winter, or summer, you are still invited to participate in the spring ceremony.
    e.g. Yes – Andre is graduating in the fall, but he will return to campus in the spring for the ceremony.
    e.g. No – Andre is graduating in the spring, but does not plan on participating in the ceremony.
  • Diploma Mailing Address – where you would like your diploma mailed after graduation. This may be after you leave campus, so ensure this is a permanent address.
    e.g. Andre decides to use his parents’ address:
    123 Sample Drive
    Apartment E
    Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202

If you need to make any changes to your submitted application, please email