In Fall 2014, Elon University successfully implemented its inaugural service year programming. This “Making a World of Difference” series was developed in support of the Service Year Alliance, a national initiative to encourage college students to pursue service work after graduation.

“Over the next generation, we will need to come together to solve some big problems. We’ll only do that if we have citizens who are well-versed in working together across all the lines that divide us. A system of voluntary universal national service is an opportunity to shape Americans today so we can come together to solve big problems tomorrow. I believe that the next step in the American experiment is the expectation of a year or more of service.”
-General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal, Chairperson, Service Year Alliance

Deep Service Leads to Stronger Communities and Nation: A Message from the Office of the President

Do you want to contribute to this initiative by completing a service year after graduation? Use the resources found on this site to help you explore your options – and to determine if a year of service is right for you.