Elon Traditions

Traditions are an important element of community connection for colleges and universities, both for the students, faculty, and staff currently on campus and also friends who remain connected to the institution. Well-managed traditions promote a strong sense of belonging and celebrate the rich history of an institution, while often communicating some of its deepest held values. Since its founding in 1889, Elon has established a history steeped in traditions. Some, like the annual outdoor commencement under a majestic canopy of oaks or the weekly Numen Lumen opportunity for reflection and inspiration, have their roots in significant historical events or rituals, while others, such as College Coffee, the Call to Honor, Turning 21 Dinners, Festival of Holiday Lights, Holidays at Maynard House, and the gifts of acorns and oak saplings at New Student Convocation and Commencement are more recent in their development.

To learn more about each one, visit this website.

From the Flame CHALLENGE

In a year when the pandemic has caused changes to nearly every campus tradition, this also seemed like the perfect time to start something new.  From the Flame is a decade of interactive challenge weeks made up of scavenger hunt clues, riddles, events, costumes, and much more! Students work with a team of their (3-7) friends, play, make videos, build or create somewhat random things (think pirate hats and lanterns on Lake Mary Nell), participate in campus activities, win prizes, and have a ton of fun.

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Rules rule.

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Traditions Council

Elon values the combination of relationships, mentoring, and community often found at a small residential college. One of Elon’s greatest traditions is also the continual change, transformation, and growth at the university. A thoughtful plan to preserve and promote traditions while continuing to help them evolve is an important part of Elon’s continued ascent and the maintenance of our community.

In 2018, in support of these efforts, Elon started a Traditions Council – a committee with students, faculty, and staff who are committed to serving as a “keeper of traditions,” proactively thinking about the evolution of our traditions, strengthening school spirit, educating our community on Elon traditions, and supporting student initiatives.

For more information on our traditions, please visit this site.