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Historic Neighborhood Plan

The Neighborhood Plan is an educational roadmap for integrating Historic residents’ academic, social, and residential experiences.

Historic Neighborhood Plan 2018-19 FINAL DRAFT

Details from 2017-18…

Neighborhood Student Population

  • 665 students
  • 96% first-year
  • 3% sophomore
  • 1% junior
  • <1% senior

Facilities and Amenities

  • 665 residence hall spaces, 95% double rooms, 5% singles
  • 8 Buildings: Cannon Pavilion, Carolina, HBB (Hook, Brannock, and Barney), Kenan Pavilion, Smith, Sloan, Virginia, and West

Get a 360-degree view of a room in Historic:

Academic Connections

There are several residentially linked course sections of the First Year Foundations Courses, COR 110: The Global Experience, ENG 110: Writing, Argument & Inquiry, and STS 110: Statistical Reasoning for first-year students taught in or near the neighborhood. There are several subject-specific first year seminars that are linked to the neighborhood as well.

William Moner, the Faculty Director, lives in the neighborhood and supports the intellectual life of the neighborhood.

There are four neighborhood faculty affiliates, Professor Evan Gatti, Professor Scott Wolter, Professor Sana Haq, Mr. Bob Shea, who are each affiliated with Historic Neighborhood and help Historic residents make connections to faculty outside of the classroom and office hours.

Living-Learning Communities in the Neighborhood for 18-19

Signature Programs, Traditions, and Experiences

  • First Night Elon with annual time capsule collection
  • Hall Banner Making
  • Monthly service opportunities
  • January dinner in conjunction with January Term Theme
  • March dinner in conjunction with Founders Day
  • Smith and Carolina BBQ (October)
  • Finals Historic Study Nights (Fall and Spring)
  • West Birthday Party, in conjunction with Homecoming
  • Late Night Breakfast for Exam Break
  • Historic Block Party, at the end of Spring semester
  • Three career advising sessions, one each in Fall, Winter, and Spring, focusing on helping students with their resumes, cover letters, and advising
  • Senior Week in Historic ​(Seniors are invited back to visit the residence hall they lived as first-year students)
  • Historic Night at [fill in the sport]: In cooperation with the athletic department, coaches, players or staff will visit with students to discuss their sport. Then, the neighborhood will attend one or more events of that sport.
  • Faculty Director Mystery Guest Program: A small group of students will be invited to meet with a mystery guest at the faculty director’s apartment. In the days leading up to the event, hints will be sent to invitees, but they will not know who is coming until the day of the event.
  • Morning Brew with Max: morning coffee and snacks with the Faculty Director in newly renovated West Parlor