Elon Dining Engagement is excited to announce Recipes from Home, a new initiative designed to celebrate the diversity of our community through its international and ethnic cuisine. We invite Elon students, faculty, and staff to share their treasured recipes, each with a unique story behind it. We want to learn about your culinary heritage and bring these authentic dishes to life in our dining halls for everyone to enjoy. Please consider sharing a special recipe using the form below.



Recipes from Home

Thank you for your interest in sharing a recipe that is important to you. We are excited to work with you to bring a piece of your home to our campus community.
  • Short background/personal context (i.e. origins, sentimentality to you, any cultural influences, specific traditions around the meal, etc.)
  • Please be as detailed as possible, including any specifics about the ingredient brand/subcategory.
  • Photos of the finished dish, scans of original recipes, primary source material around the dish's origins, etc.
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