An Inspiring Legacy of Leadership

Named after the late President Emeritus J. Earl Danieley, The Danieley Center Neighborhood strives to highlight his legacy through its vision of supporting an integrated academic and residential experience. The Danieley Center will provide residents with the opportunity to explore aspects of leadership, each year focusing on a theme that is relevant to current events and residential needs. The Danieley Center will encourage ownership and pride in the Neighborhood through active engagement of our residents and staff, who will build community, uphold community standards and be visible advocates for the Danieley Center.

Leadership through Active Citizenship

The Danieley Center Neighborhood strives to honor the legacy of the late President Emeritus Dr. J. Earl Danieley through our community theme of leadership. Each year, the Danieley Center will select an aspect of leadership to pursue, consistent with current events and the intellectual needs and interests of residents.

According to a study, “young adults today are less likely than their counterparts in the 1970s were to exhibit nine out of ten important characteristics of citizenship: belonging to at least one group, attending religious services at least monthly, belonging to a union, reading newspapers at least once a week, voting, being contacted by a political party, working on a community project, attending club meetings, and believing that people are trustworthy.” There’s an uptick noticeable in the 10th characteristic—volunteering (Flanagan and Levine, 2009).

Incoming students have shown an inclination toward advocacy and toward engaging with their communities. The neighborhood’s focus on leadership through active citizenship comes at an important time in the country’s political and social history, marked by political divisiveness and social movements. Students should be empowered to be active members in the political system and in their communities. The 2017-2018 focus on active citizenship will allow students to embrace social responsibility, engage in conversations about active citizenship, develop as community leaders and become discerning consumers of news and information influential to their global perspective and leadership.

The three frameworks of leadership development, civic/political engagement, and media literacy will be infused throughout the programming initiatives in the neighborhood. To read more about each one and see how they correspond with planned Danieley Center Neighborhood events, see the Danieley Neighborhood Plan.   that incoming college students “not only demonstrate stronger inclinations toward activism via intentions to join protests while in college but they also report substantially stronger commitments to engaging with their communities” (CIRP, 2016) There’s great potential to harness an interest many of our students may already possess upon entering Elon.

The Danieley Center Oath

As a resident of the Danieley Center Neighborhood, I promise to continue the traditions of Danieley Center by actively participating in Neighborhood events and supporting the Neighborhood theme of leadership through active citizenship. I value my responsibility to be an engaged citizen through civility and collaboration. Being an active participant in my community helps me develop as a strong, impactful leader. It makes me mindful of my environment and my privilege, and forces me to be a steward for positive change. I will become a stronger citizen by creating and supporting an inclusive environment, where all feel comfortable. Together, we are one community. Together, we are Danieley.

The Danieley Center Neighborhood Plan for 2020-2021

The Neighborhood Plan is an educational roadmap for integrating residents’ academic, social, and residential experiences. Plans for the 2020-2021 academic year are currently being finalized to align with the university’s guidelines in response to COVID-19. Please check back later for an updated plan.

Neighborhood Student Population

  • 496 students living in the Danieley Flats: 53% first-year, 46% sophomore, 1% junior
  • 241 students living in the Danieley Apartments: 95% sophomore, 4% junior

Facilities and Amenities

Opened in 1999 as a sophomore residential community, the Danieley Center Neighborhood now houses up to 812 first-year and sophomore students in either flat or apartment living. The Danieley flats present a unique living experience that allows residents to live in spaces of 8-10 students, while the Danieley apartments offer a more traditional apartment-style living option for a group of 4 sophomores. The apartments in the neighborhood surround the beautiful Lake Verona, named for Dr. Danieley’s wife, Verona Daniels Danieley.

The hub of Danieley Center Neighborhood is the newly renovated Violet Hoffman Daniel Commons (commonly known as Daniel Commons). Daniel Commons is home to the Neighborhood Office, where you will find the Residence Life team dedicated to making each resident feel at home. Daniel Commons also hosts multiple classes throughout the academic year in its smart classroom, features a multipurpose lounge, and offers Qdoba Mexican Eats and Einstein Bros. Bagels as dining options.

The Danieley Center Neighborhood is home to the Phoenix Activities and Recreation Center (PARC), an athletic facility with basketball courts and a fitness center for residents of the neighborhood to enjoy, whether that be playing basketball, participating in intramural sports, or just working on physical fitness.

Get a 360-degree view of a room in Danieley:
Room in Danieley

Academic Connections

There are several residentially linked course sections of the First Year Foundations Courses, COR 110: The Global Experience and ENG 110: Writing, Argument & Inquiry for first-year students taught in or near the neighborhood.

Mark Einfield, the Faculty Director of Danieley Center, lives in the neighborhood and supports the intellectual life of the neighborhood. Professor Einfield is an Associate Professor of Education.

There are two neighborhood faculty affiliates, Dr. Matt Wittstein (Asst. Professor of Exercise Science) and Dr. Ryan Johnson (Asst. Professor of Philosophy), who are each affiliated with the Danieley Flats and help students there make connections to faculty outside of the classroom and office hours.

Signature Programs, Traditions, and Experiences

  • First Night Elon
  • BBQ with Colonnades Neighborhood
  • Phoenix Phind: Campus-wide scavenger hunt that will be in partnership with the Inter-Residence Council
  • Chick’n Pick’n: Outdoor grilling contest open to all students at Elon University
  • Halftime Events w/ Elon Athletics
  • Community Dinners
  • Pumpkin Carve: Neighborhood-wide community builder coinciding with fall festivities
  • First Amendment Free Food Festival
  • Dr. J. Earl Danieley Leadership Banquet: Celebration that recognizes student leadership over the year in the community
  • Expanieley FoodTruck Rally/Carnival