Named after the late President J. Earl Danieley, we strive to provide our residents a quality residential and academic experience in which they can take pride in their Danieley community, grow into themselves both as students and also as people, and move beyond their time with us inspired to make The Danieley Difference in their future global leadership.


To inspire and to equip students to be courageous people, progressive thinkers, purposeful doers, and benevolent leaders of their communities both at Elon and also beyond Elon.


To catalyze and propel humanitarian leaders toward the evolution of knowing and the revolution of being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

We will actively work to recognize and celebrate the inherent differences in the held identities and lived experiences of our residents, while at the same time holding each other to the highest standards of equity and inclusion possible. We will challenge the misconstruance of human difference as deviance, and we will instill in our residents humanitarian values indicative of responsible leadership.


Action ⋅ Authenticity ⋅ Connection ⋅ Courage ⋅ Curiosity ⋅ Empowerment ⋅ Humility ⋅ Integrity ⋅ Introspection ⋅ Social Justice