Facilities and Amenities

Residential Buildings

Daniel Commons

Daniel Commons is a one-story building that offers many amenities to students. The Danieley Center Neighborhood Office is located in 115. There is a study and lounge space in 116, which includes a Roku TV and foosball table. There is a classroom located in 117. Daniel Commons has dining options available, including Qdoba and Einstein’s Bagels. A dining and lounge area, with a central fireplace, is available to students. Students may also use computers and a printer, located in the dining area. There is one individual, single-use restroom and two common, gendered restrooms located off of the dining area. There is a large, outdoor patio with tables, chairs, and umbrellas that students may utilize.


The Phoenix Activities and Recreation Center (PARC) is located at the north end of Danieley (next to Flat L and across from Flat I). The PARC has a large, open gymnasium outfitted for basketball or volleyball, and it also has cardiovascular and strength equipment. The PARC is operated and maintained by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Outdoor and Leisure

Danieley offers many outdoor and leisure spaces. Students will first notice Lake Verona, which has outdoor chairs and hammock poles placed around it. There are two beach volleyball courts, which are located next to Apartment A and behind Apartment F. There is one concrete basketball court, which is located next to Daniel Commons. There is a frisbee golf course spread throughout Danieley. There are two gazebos with tables, which are located between Apartments B and C and between Apartments E and F. The LMN (pronounced like “lemon”) Quad and the Rose Quad are great outdoor areas for multipurpose use with hammock stands, tables and chairs, umbrellas, and more. There are outdoor grills scattered throughout Danieley, and there is a larger grill located next to the basketball court.