Is the Creative Arts LLC for You?

Are you interested in art, writing, music, or filmmaking? Been involved in theatre as an actor, scenic designer, costumer, or director? Have you written screenplays, or simply love going to the movie theater? Did you participate in art, band, orchestra, chorus, or theatre in high school? Or do you just love listening to music, creating playlists, or sound engineering?

What if you could live and hang out with other people who were into those things, too?

We’re looking for open-minded, creatively engaged, and culturally aware people to live and play together. Students must show an interest in the creative arts either by majoring in an artistic field or the humanities (art, English, film, music, theatre, philosophy, poli sci, history, etc.) or by simply enjoying and getting involved in the arts.


Join the Creative Arts Living Learning Community, home of Elon’s arts culture. This living learning community is designed to generate an atmosphere for students to express and explore the liberal arts, creativity, and artistic interests or skills.


  • Visiting art museums
  • Attending art shows, musicals, and plays on campus and in the community
  • Discussing movies, works of art, and other forms of media and their impact
  • Creating works of art
  • Designing a floor shirt
  • Creating a diverse and welcoming environment for students to be creative and express themselves


Students must show an interest in the arts or writing, either by majoring in an artistic field, such as art, creative writing, film, music, theatre, or by enjoying and getting involved in the arts.


Global Neighborhood, Building E, 2nd floor

How do I apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the Creative Arts LLC Advisor: Alison Van Norman