Living & Learning at Elon: The Residential Campus Experience

At Elon University, we offer all students a premier residential campus experience focused on living, learning, and personal development. All on-campus housing at Elon is located within a neighborhood that works to integrate the academic, social, and residential aspects of college life for students so that students’ experiences–from the classroom to the dining hall to the residential community–are seamless. Such intentional integration means that at Elon we take a holistic approach to education, recognizing that it is not enough to provide the means for academic success but we must also provide tools, knowledge, and resources to support students’ personal, professional, and social development.

The residential campus plan that informs Living and Learning at Elon builds upon our university’s national reputation for engaged learning. Elon’s residential campus integrates the academic, residential, and social experiences of students, reconnecting living on campus with the mission, core values, and functions of the university. The result is a deepened intellectual climate and an inclusive learning community that extends from the classroom to the residence hall.

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