The Sport Management and Media (SMM) Living Learning Community offers a unique environment for Elon University students interested in exploring the study of sport. Through regular LLC activities such as dinners, field trips, discussions, common readings, interaction with faculty and guest speakers and on- and off-campus events, SMM residents will begin to examine sport by exploring their relative interests and learning more about opportunities in the sport industry.

The SMM community is affiliated with the departments of Communications and Sport Management that are housed in the School of Communications. The SMM community will coordinate with the Communications LLC to offer some joint programming opportunities for students residing in both LLCs. The community is open to any student with an interest in majoring or minoring in sport management.


  • Trips to sport organizations and facilities within 6 hours of drive time
  • Visit local community sport and professional sport organizations
  • Involvement in planning of events for the floor
  • Involvement in sport student organizations

Who will live in the SMM LLC?

Students who major or minor in sport management as well as students who wish to explore the sport industry. While this is primarily a first-year student community, we accept students from all class years.

What is the facility like?

The Sport Management and Media LLC is located in the recently renovated Sloan Hall, next to the McEwen and Schar Communications Buildings in the Historic Neighborhood.


Contact the Sport Management and Media LLC Advisors: Cara Lucia & Mark Cryan