Paideia [Gr. παιδεία]

Definition of Paideia: Ancient Greek Hist. Education, upbringing; spec. an Athenian system of instruction designed to give pupils a rounded cultural education, esp. with a view to public life. Hence: the sum of physical and intellectual achievement to which an individual or (collectively) a society can aspire; a society’s culture. (Oxford English Dictionary)


The Paideia: Politics and Active Citizenship Living Learning Community (Paideia LLC) is a hub for students interested in political engagement. This LLC provides opportunities for campus involvement and leadership in civic engagement, and provides a space for the discussion of local, state, national, and global political issues.

Paideia is the place to be for politically active and interested students. As we enter into the 2024 presidential election season, the Paideia LLC offers the chance to connect with issues and the community. Paideia also provides a place for you to discuss, debate, and learn from your peers as we as a community navigate the fast-paced events unfolding around us.


The Paideia: Politics and Active Citizenship LLC is a community of students dedicated to acquiring the skills to be active and engaged citizens in our democracy. Each member of the Paideia community should be interested in discussing political issues and committed to helping educate fellow members about local, state, national, and global issues.

Paideia students will:

  • Learn how we as a community can practice civility and bipartisanship even when we disagree on issues
  • Have the chance to actively connect what we learn in the classroom with life on campus, and in our local community, state, nation, and world
  • Have the opportunity to experience together through discussion, reflection, and action the fast-paced events that characterize the America of 2024
  • Develop essential skills for civic and political engagement and learn how citizens get involved on the local, state, national, and international level

Where is it located?

The Paideia: Politics and Active Citizenship LLC is located in the East Neighborhood.


Contact the Paideia LLC Advisors: Bob Frigo and Andrew Moffa