Get to Know Your Colonnades Neighbors

Neighborhood Leadership Team

Sally Murphy is the Community Director of Colonnades Neighborhood. Her office is in Kivette.


Dr. Terry Tomasek is the Faculty Director of Colonnades. Dr. “T” lives in Harper with her husband, Dave Tomasek. Her campus office is in Mooney but you can find her often in the T-Room located in Staley Hall.

Beth Jennings is the Program Assistant for the Colonnades Neighborhood. Beth has been with the neighborhood since it first opened in 2007, her office is located in Kivette.


Together, Dr. Tomasek and Sally oversee the development of the social and intellectual life of the Colonnades Neighborhood. They are the Co-Chairs for the Colonnades Neighborhood Association (CNA), which consists of students who reside in the neighborhood as well as faculty and staff who are engaged in various events and programs with the neighborhood. Together, the Neighborhood Association works to serve the interests of the residents in the Colonnades community while planning and implementing programming that fulfills the objectives and goals of the Colonnades Neighborhood Plan. The CNA meets four to six times per year and offers leadership opportunities for students and an easy way for faculty and staff to become more engaged in the life of our neighborhood. Please check out our Get Involved page for more information on connecting to the neighborhood.

Colonnades Neighborhood Association Members

  • Terry Tomasek, Faculty Director of Colonnades
  • Sally Murphy, Community Director of Colonnades
  • Dan Reis, Teaching and Learning Technology & MakerHub Advisor
  • Ross Wade, Student Professional Development Center
  • Jerry Waller, Belk Library
  • Kelly Harer, Office of Sustainability
  • Dianne Ford, Belk Library
  • Barb Carlton, Coordinator for Residential Campus Dining and Engagement
  • Keikichi Littleton, Residential Area Coordinator
  • Sarah McDonald, Lead Student Mentor

Residential Learning Community Faculty and Staff Advisors

Business – Colonnades Building D, 2nd Floor Advisors:

Innovation – Colonnades A 3rd Floor, Advisors:

Examining Disparities in Access to Education – Colonnades D 1st floor, Advisor:

Gender and Sexuality – Colonnades A 2nd Floor, Advisors:

Honors Floor – The Colonnades C, 2nd Floor, Advisor:


STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – Colonnades E, 1st and 2nd Floor Advisor:

Sustainable Living – The Colonnades Building C, 1st Floor, Advisors:

Student-Directed Learning Community

Hall for Change – a Community Committed to Social Justice – Open to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students, Colonnades building A, 2nd floor. For more information, please contact student Amy Belfer.

Faculty Affiliates

There are four neighborhood faculty affiliates, Dr. Pamela Winfield (Assoc. Professor of Religious Studies), Dr. Alfred Simkin (Asst. Professor of Biology), Dr. Joan Barnatt (Assoc.Professor of Education and Wellness), and Dr. Bilal Ghandour (Asst. Professor of Psychology)  who are each affiliated with the neighborhood and help students make connections to faculty beyond the classroom and outside of office hours.