The Elon College Fellow LLC is a co-ed community open where students take advantage of the wide range of academic pursuits within the community. You must be an Elon College Fellow to be eligible to apply for the LLC and a strong commitment to be  a contributing and involved community member. Visit the Elon College Fellows website for more information.


Explore the Elon College Fellows Syllabus: ECF LLC Syllabus


  • Shared Elon 101 courses
  • Involvement with the Elon College Deans and Faculty
  • Fellows trips and dinners

Who will live in the Elon College Fellows Learning Community?

Students must be accepted as Elon College Fellows in order to be eligible.

Where is it located?

Isabella Cannon Pavilion, Historic Neighborhood

Want to Apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the Elon College Fellows LLC Advisors: Jill Auditori & Dan Burns