A Neighborhood of Global Engagement

2017-2018 Thematic Focus: “Migration: Movement, Transition, and Community Change”

This theme looks at global issues relating to migration, including immigration and emigration, the global refugee crisis, as well as inter-disciplinary understandings of migration, such as the migration of language, animals, diseases, and music. We will also consider students’ migration through into new communities–shaping their identities–especially the movement into college, through the university, and beyond. Speakers, workshops, and events will grapple with concepts of:

  • Social justice
  • Individual vs. group identity
  • The role of service

This year, we will not only invite faculty from the Elon community to speak from academic perspectives on issues of migration, but we aim to engage with the local Elon/Burlington community as much as possible.

The Global Neighborhood Oath

As a member of the Global Neighborhood, I will strive to become a global citizen:

  • ​Seeking​ to identify and engage with my campus, local and global communities
  • Reflecting​ on the impact of my actions in these communities
  • ​Respecting ​and appreciating cultures and experiences different than my own
  • Working​ to promote the common good

I commit to:

  • ​Making​ the most of this opportunity to develop my global perspective, in concert with my own personal development and understanding of the communities around me
  • ​Investing​ my time and energy as a proud member of the Global Neighborhood.

The Global Neighborhood Plan for 17-18

The Neighborhood Plan is an educational roadmap for integrating Global residents’ academic, social, and residential experiences. Download the plan for 17-18.

Neighborhood Student Population

  • 595 students
  • 67% first-year
  • 27% sophomore
  • 4% junior
  • 2% senior

Facilities and Amenities

  • 5 buildings offering 595 residence hall spaces – 70% doubles, 30% singles (combination of pods and stand-alone singles).
  • All five buildings have classrooms where linked sections of Core Curriculum and other courses are taught in the neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood commons building is the Global Commons with the Great Hall, Argo Tea, and faculty/staff offices for the Core Curriculum and Global Education Center

Get a 360-degree view of a room in Global:

Academic Connections

There are several residentially linked course sections of the First Year Foundations Courses, COR 110: The Global Experience and ENG 110: Writing, Argument & Inquiry for first-year students taught in or near the neighborhood. To download the full list of fall 2017 linked course sections, time slots, and linked neighborhoods, click here.

Dr. Jennifer Zinchuk, the Faculty Director, lives in the neighborhood and supports the intellectual life of the neighborhood.

Dr. Glenn Scott is a Faculty-in-Residence who supports the neighborhood and serves as the adviser to the International Living Learning Community.

Visiting Scholar

Global Neighborhood is occasionally home to a visiting scholar whose stay at Elon is hosted by an academic department. Visiting scholars are individuals who are experts in their field and will share their interests with residents, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways. If you represent an academic department seeking to reserve the visiting scholar apartment, please visit this page for more information.

Living Learning Communities in the Neighborhood for 18-19

Signature Programs, Traditions, and Experiences

Global Neighborhood has a strong house identity, named for rivers on five continents: Orinoco, Thames, Tigris, Yukon, and Zambezi. This is fostered through the House Cup Competition. Program traditions include:

  • Monthly house dinners with conversations between students and faculty
  • International film series
  • Regular outdoor “festivals” to create opportunities for Global students, faculty, and staff to interact in Global Neighborhood’s outdoor spaces and creating shared experiences.
  • Ongoing service relationship with a refugee family in Greensboro