Elon’s live-in faculty play a central role in Elon students’ experiences and holistic development. At the intersection of Academic Affairs and Student Life, live-in faculty develop as experts in integrative teaching and learning, college student development, and the many facets of the university, contributing to the university mission and strategic plan in a multidimensional way. Both the Faculty Director and Faculty-in-Residence roles involve living in a faculty apartment in one of the residential neighborhoods; supporting students’ intellectual engagement in the neighborhood; enhancing students’ personal development through student-faculty engagement; and working with residence life staff and student leaders in the neighborhood to facilitate students’ academic, social, and personal development through programs, events, etc.

Faculty Director

The Faculty Director is responsible for developing an intellectual and/or academic theme and corresponding programs for a neighborhood that helps students make important academic and social connections within their residential environment; establishing a strong relationship and communicating with neighborhood residence life staff, linked course faculty, living-learning community advisors, and faculty-in-residence; participating in the life of the neighborhood and getting to know the students in the community; and providing administrative oversight for neighborhood planning, collaboration, and assessment.


The Faculty-in-Residence is responsible for serving in a coordinating role with the Faculty Directors and Community Directors (from residence life) to support the academic mission and learning occurring in a specific residential neighborhood; facilitating, promoting, and maintaining the administration of key living and learning activities within the neighborhood; establishing a strong relationship and communicating with neighborhood faculty and staff; and building mentoring relationships with neighborhood students.


To learn more and apply for a live-in faculty role, contact the Director of Academic-Residential Partnerships.