The First Phoenix Living-Learning Community welcomes incoming first-year and sophomore Elon students who identify as first-generation (a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have not obtained a bachelor’s degree). The goal of the community is to create an environment where first-generation college students successfully acclimate and navigate their college experience, ideate their potential through support and mentorship, and reach their desired goals. Through intentional connections with first-generation college peers, faculty, and staff, first-generation college students’ academic, professional, social, and personal development will be nurtured.

The First Phoenix Program

Students in the LLC will be a part of the First Phoenix program, a near-peer mentoring program connecting first-generation first-year students to upperclass, first-generation students. First-years will participate as mentees while upperclass students will participate as mentors. Through the program students will engage in workshops, mentoring, and other co-curricular activities to gain a deeper understanding of their identities and how it relates to their future and broader Elon community.

Other Highlights of the LLC

Being a part of a peer group that also welcomes students outside of the group’s primary identity has been shown to be a priority for first-generation students. Students will participate in a Core 1100 class together to help facilitate the transition coming to campus and the wider first-generation community. Students will also interact through intentional programming with the First-Generation Student Society, a student group on Elon’s campus that celebrates the first-generation community on campus and advocates for the needs of the community.


This community is a partnership with First-Generation Student Support Services in the Center for Access and Success. First-Generation Student Support Services works to support first-generation students in their pursuit of a college degree through collaborative programs and events designed to empower and celebrate the unique talents, skills, and identities they bring.  This is done through mentoring via the peer mentoring program and our partners, financial support to pursue an ELR, advocacy of the needs of first-generation students to upper administration and celebrations, large and small, that brings the community and its supporters together to foster connections and community strengthening

Please review the First Phoenix LLC syllabus to learn more about the activities and events in the First Phoenix LLC!


Incoming first-year students and upperclass students who identify as First-Generation are encouraged to apply for this LLC.


Apply to the LLC on the Housing Application! More information can be found here. 


Contact the First Phoenix LLC Advisors, see below.