Get to Know Your East Neighborhood Leadership Team

Jasmine Hill Evans is the Community Director for the East Neighborhood. Jasmine oversees the day to day operations and community development of the neighborhood.

Dr.Karen Lindsey is the Faculty Director for the East Neighborhood.

Dr. Jane O’Boyle is a Faculty-in-Residence who supports the neighborhood and serves as the adviser to the Kenan Honors Pavilion LLC.

Dr. Lindsey and Jasmine are the co-chairs for the East Neighborhood Association, which consists of students who reside in the neighborhood as well as faculty and staff who are engaged in various events and programs in the neighborhood. The Neighborhood Association works to sponsor programs and activities that promote the intellectual theme of the neighborhood as well as community development and cohesiveness. The Neighborhood Association meets four to six times per year and offers leadership opportunities for students and an easy way for faculty and staff to become more engaged in the life of our neighborhood.

Residential Learning Community Faculty and Staff Advisors

Elon College Fellows – Isabella Cannon Pavilion, Advisors: Jill Auditori & Dan Burns

Honors Pavilion – William R. Kenan, Jr. Honors Pavilion, Advisor: Jane O’Boyle

Paideia – East C 2nd Floor, Advisor: Bob Frigo & Andrew Moffa

Service Learning – East C 1st Floor, Advisors: Abigail Wiatrek & Sadie Richey