Get to Know your Danieley Center Neighbors

    Neighborhood Leadership Team

    Tanner Gill is the Community Director of Danieley Center. They lives in Danieley F. You can find them in their office in Daniel Commons.

    Mark Enfield is the Faculty Director of Danieley Center. Professor Enfield lives in Danieley D with his wife and children.

    Jenna Gibilisco is the Graduate Apprentice for the Danieley Center. Jenna lives in Danieley F and her office is in Daniel Commons.

    Marcia Dodson is the Program Assistant for the Danieley Neighborhood. Marcia’s office is located in Daniel Commons.


    Together, Matt, Tanner, and Jenna oversee the development of the social and intellectual life of the Danieley Center Neighborhood. They are the Co-Chairs for the Danieley Neighborhood Association (DNA), which consists of students who reside in the neighborhood as well as faculty and staff who are engaged in various events and programs with the neighborhood. The “DNA” works to serve the interests of the residents in the Danieley Center community while planning and implementing programming that fulfills the goals and outcomes of the Danieley Center Neighborhood Plan. The DNA meets four to six times per year and offers leadership opportunities for students and an easy way for faculty and staff to become more engaged in the life of our neighborhood. Please check out our Get Involved page for more information on connecting to the neighborhood.

    Danieley Neighborhood Association Members

        • Mark Einfield, Faculty Director of Danieley Center Neighborhood
        • Tanner Gill, Community Director of Danieley Center Neighborhood
        • Jenna Gibilisco, Graduate Apprentice for the Danieley Center Neighborhood
        • Ryan Johnson, Faculty Affiliate
        • Cara McFadden, Leadership Representative
        • Detric Robinson, Student Conduct Representative
        • TBD, Athletics Representative
        • TBD, Senior Resident Assistant
        • TBD, Living Learning Assistant

    The faculty affiliate Dr. Ryan Johnson (Asst. Professor of Philosophy) helps students make connections.


    • Tim Peeples, senior associate provost for faculty affairs
    • Woody Pelton, dean of global education
    • Jennifer Platania, associate professor of economics and chair of department of economics
    • Jean Rattigan-Rohr, executive director of community partnerships and director of the center for access and success
    • Kelly Reimer, director of teaching and learning technologies
    • Joan Ruelle, dean and university librarian
    • Gabie Smith, dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences
    • Rob Springer, executive director of institutional effectiveness
    • Raghu Tadepalli, dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business
    • Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, interim associate provost for academic excellence and director of the Center for Research on Global Engagement
    • Aswani Volety, provost and vice president for academic affairs
  • Kirby Wahl, interim associate dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Christopher Waters, assistant vice president for technology and chief information officer
  • Randy Williams Jr., vice president and associate provost for inclusive excellence