General Overview

Apartments A-F are two-story apartment buildings with four apartments on each floor (eight total apartments in each building). Each apartment houses four students in total. There are two bedrooms in each apartment, and each bedroom houses two students. Each apartment comes with a full kitchen (one stove/oven, one dishwasher, and one refrigerator provided), living room (one arm chair, one couch, and one coffee table provided), and foyer (one table and four chairs provided). In the bedroom, each student can expect to have one closet, one twin-sized XL bed, one dresser, one night stand, one desk, and one chair. Each bedroom has one bathroom attached, and each bathroom has one sink and one stall shower. There are no elevators. Each building has an exterior door entrance, which leads to the interior where individual apartments can be accessed. Laundry is available to Apartments A-C in the basement of Apartment B (accessed externally), and laundry is available to Apartments D-F in the basement of Apartment F (accessed externally).

Read more about apartment rates, floor plans, room change process (including the lease turnover process), and other Residence Life policies and information here.

We recommend calling our office or Residence Life for more details.