Faculty and Staff Engagement in Living and Learning at Elon

Living and Learning at Elon is a joint initiative between Academic Affairs and Student Life to integrate academic and social life within the residential campus in support of the THRIVE portion of the Boldly Elon strategic plan. Through intentional curricular and co-curricular linkages and programming designed to deepen mentoring relationships between students and faculty and between students and their peers, faculty and staff involved in Living and Learning at Elon contribute to students’ holistic development and engagement.

The top two contributors to students’ academic self-concept, motivation, and achievement are meaningful connections between (1) students and faculty and (2) students and their peers, with the greatest gains occurring when these interactions happen informally outside of class (Jarecke, 2020; Komarraju, Musulkin, & Bhattacharya, 2010; Ross, 2017; Talbert, 2013; Tinto, 1993). With first- and second-year students living on campus, Elon has created the conditions to make these meaningful connections possible. Faculty and staff involved in Living and Learning at Elon help to foster students’ sense of self and belonging, well-being, and engaged learning.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

All on-campus housing is organized into residential neighborhoods, where faculty and staff live and learn alongside students, providing mentorship and inclusive learning opportunities that integrate students’ intellectual, social, civic, and wellness experiences. Each of the eight residential neighborhoods integrates purposeful activities developed by residential faculty, staff, and student leaders to help students build relationships and deepen their living and learning experience. These include first-year foundations courses linked to their residential neighborhood, movie nights, guest speakers, community dinners, fire pit socials, and so much more. With access to programs, mentoring, and resources specifically curated for each residential community, students have what they need to author their Elon experience right where they live.

Educating the Whole Student

Each residential neighborhood at Elon has established an educational plan that lays the groundwork for supporting the personal, social, and intellectual growth of its students. Each plan articulates the particular theme and focus of the neighborhood and includes learning and developmental outcomes for students associated with the theme, programs, events, and experiences offered in the neighborhood. Each plan also provides details on the projected calendar of events for a particular year, the structure and membership of the neighborhood association, specific facilities and amenities in the neighborhood, academic and curricular connections, and neighborhood traditions. Each plan is written with the input of the neighborhood association, which includes residents, faculty, and staff affiliated with the neighborhood, and each plan is vetted by the residential campus advisory committee and senior leadership at Elon. Each neighborhood’s plan is a reflection of the mission of Living and Learning at Elon: to integrate students’ academic and residential experiences to further their intellectual, personal and community development as lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

For more information about each neighborhood, visit the Neighborhoods page.

Opportunities for Faculty and Staff Involvement

Opportunities abound for departments, faculty, staff, and student leaders to get involved in one-off or ongoing activities within the residential campus. Whether looking for ways to expand one’s teaching or contributions to the life of the university and professional activity or just deepen one’s connection to the campus community, the residential campus is an integrative learning space where faculty and staff can thrive in their professional and personal activities alongside students and other university professionals. While the types of engagement are limitless, several formal opportunities for sustained and integrated professional activity within the residential campus are recognized by the university as teaching, contributions to the life of the university, and professional activities:

Additional opportunities for to deepen curricular and co-curricular connections through Living and Learning at Elon include:

To learn more about the opportunities for faculty and staff within the residential campus and to apply for a live-in role, contact the Director of Academic-Residential Partnerships.