What is it?

The Sustainable Living Learning Community (SLLC) brings together students from any major who are interested in learning how to personally live in a manner that supports ecologically, socially and economically healthy environments and communities.

Members of the SLLC will

  • Explore what it means to personally live sustainably
  • Share their own experiences of trying to live more sustainably
  • Learn about sustainability at Elon and in the surrounding area


Explore the Sustainable Living LLC Syllabus 2022-2023


Off-campus experiences may include a trip to: the local food cooperative, a local farm, recycling facility, reservoir, landfill, LED bulb manufacturing factory, or a hike in a nearby park, etc.

On-campus experiences may include tours or guest speakers who address: green building, local food sourcing, landscaping, student sustainability initiatives, etc.


Students are expected to be active participants in the SLLC because ultimately members of the SLLC determine and coordinate the group’s discussions and activities. At a minimum SLLC members are required to attend: 1 campus event related to sustainability and 1 community dinner each month, at least 1 off-campus trip per semester (determined by students) and participate in Phoenix Cup competitions.


SLLC members reside in Colonnades C, Kivette Hall. The floor includes typical amenities such as wireless internet, cable TV, laundry facilities and a kitchen.

All single and double rooms in the Colonnades cost the typical single and double room rates listed on the Rates page. All students in this residence hall are required to have at least the All Access Basic Plan.

How do I apply?

Visit this page for more information.


Contact the SLLC Advisor: Kelly Harer