First-Year Community Development Pathway

First Year Community Development Model

The First-Year Community Development Pathway focuses on themes that address the developmental needs of first-year students in a residential setting:

  • Exploring your Passions focuses on first-year students joining the Elon community and finding ways to connect to their passion areas as well as being curious to explore new opportunities that may develop into new passion areas. As part of a liberal arts education, our first-year students will be able to center their (co)curricular experiences on exploring new areas of focus outside of their majors.
  • Social Responsibility focuses on first-year students learning what it means to live in community here at Elon and the importance of self- and peer-accountability. During this time our first-year students are learning about the University Honor Code and policies that they are expected to uphold. This is also a time when they are learning the skills needed to mediate social conflicts and interventions.
  • Cultural Competency focuses on first-year students beginning or continuing their journeys of self-awareness connected to their identities and values. As a community member first-year students will engage in opportunities to promote awareness of self and others and its impact on their community.
  • Wellness focuses on first-year students exploring the dimensions of wellness as a tool for holistic development. The six dimensions are community, emotional, purpose, physical, financial, and social well-being. Within the residential context our staff will aid in the promotion of well-being and wellness resources.