Get to Know Your Global Neighbors

Neighborhood Leadership Team

Amanda Alberti is the Community Director of Global Neighborhood. She lives in Global E and her office is on the first floor of Global Commons.

Dr. Jennifer Eidum is the Faculty Director of Global. Professor Eidum lives in Global C with her husband, Dan, and her son. Her campus office is in Alamance Hall, but you can find her often in Global Neighborhood office on the first floor of Global Commons.

Nicholas “Nick” Boudreau is the Graduate Assistant for Global Neighborhood. His office is located on the first floor of Global Commons.

Megan Stanfield serves as the Program Assistant for Global Neighborhood has an office located on the first floor of Global Commons.

Dr. Jessica Gisclair serves as a Faculty-in-Residence in Global Neighborhood. She lives in Global A and advises the International Living Learning Community.

Together, Dr. Eidum, Amanda, and Nick oversee the development of the social and intellectual life of the Global Neighborhood. Dr. Eidum and Amanda are the Co-Chairs for the Global Neighborhood Association, which consists of students who reside in the neighborhood as well as faculty and staff who are engaged in various events and programs with the neighborhood. The Neighborhood Association works to serve the interests of the residents in the Global community while planning and implementing programming that fulfills the objectives and goals of the Global Neighborhood Plan. The Neighborhood Association meets four to six times per year and offers leadership opportunities for students and an easy way for faculty and staff to become more engaged in the life of our neighborhood. Please check out our Get Involved page for more information about connecting to the neighborhood.

Global Neighborhood Association Members


Faculty and Staff Representatives

  • Graduate Assistant: Nicholas “Nick” Boudreau
  • Faculty-in-Residence: Judy Esposito
  • Representative(s) from the LLC advisors: Kevin Agnew
  • Representative(s) from the linked course faculty: L.D. Russell
  • Representative from the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center: Victoria Thompson
  • Representative from International Studies program leadership: Safia Swimelar
  • Representative from World Languages and Cultures: Binnan Gao
  • Representative from Academic Advising, Writing Center, or Library: Shannon Tennant
  • Representative from Kernodle Center for Civic Life: TBA
  • Representative from the Student Professional Development Center: Kristen Aquilino
  • Visiting Scholar-in-Residence: TBA (fall semester)

Student Representatives

  • Lead Student Mentor: TBA
  • Senior Resident Advisor: TBA
  • IRC Liaison: TBA

Residential Learning Community Faculty and Staff Advisors

African Diaspora: Exploring Blackness across the Globe – Global C, 4th floor, Advisor:

ASHES (Alcohol and Substance-free Housing for Elon Students) – Global C, 1st floor, Advisor:

Creative Arts – Global Village Building E, 2nd Floor, Advisors:

International – Global Building D, 2nd Floor, Advisor:

Performing Arts – Global B, 2nd Floor, Advisor:

Polyglot Floor (World Languages) – All languages are welcome! Global Building D, 4th Floor, Advisors: