The African Diaspora Living Learning Community provides students with opportunities to be explore in African, African-American and Black culture at Elon and across the world. Connected with the African and African American Studies Minor at Elon University,  living in this community allows students to take a deeper dive into their own identities as global citizens, partake in programming and dialogue that is mindful of issues surrounding African culture, and provides students with opportunities to be involved in the local community.

Why is the African Diaspora LLC for you?

Open to students of all academic interests and racial/ethnic backgrounds the African Diaspora LLC is the perfect fit for students who are interested in the expansive, global and interconnected nature of the lived experiences of those who have ancestral ties to Africa. With identity develop and social justice as cornerstones of the community, the African Diaspora LLC offers a students the opportunity to take a deep dive into the rich history and dynamic experience Blackness.


  • The African Diaspora LLC is on the 4th Floor of Global C of the Global Neighborhood and affords greater opportunity for students engage diversity at the intersections of nationality, race, ethnicity and social interests.
  • The African Diaspora LLC is in close proximity to the Moseley Student Center and the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education providing additional access to campus involvement


Students living in the African Diaspora LLC are expected to:

  • Aid in the programming and development of MLK Jr. commemorative events, Black History Month, Black Solidarity Day, etc.
  • Attend regularly scheduled floor meetings and discussions
  • Attend regular scheduled community service programming



Contact the African Diaspora LLC Advisor: