The First-Year Foundations launch the Elon experience by challenging students to think critically, engage globally, and communicate effectively. The Foundations consist of courses in writing and math, as well as a signature Elon course called “The Global Experience.” The Common Reading Program supplements the Foundations by facilitating shared intellectual experiences both in and out of the classroom.

First Year Foundations Shared Learning Goals: Curiosity & Questioning, Communication, Critical Thinking

COR 1100: The Global Experience

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This first-year seminar examines personal and social responsibility in domestic and global contexts. In developing their own view of the world and its many peoples, societies, and environments, students will evaluate the complex relationships that may both promote and obstruct human interaction. The course emphasizes critical thinking and creativity focused on contemporary and salient issues as informed by their historical contexts. The seminar is inquiry-based, writing intensive, and taught from a variety of perspectives. Offered fall and spring.

COR 1100 Shared Learning Goals: Curiosity & Questioning, Global Perspective, Communication, Critical Thinking

ENG 1100: Writing – Argument and Inquiry

Writing SeminarThis first-year writing course prepares students to develop as writers through extensive practice in process strategies, argumentation, and research methods. Students will learn and apply rhetorical strategies to write effectively in print and electronic environments for a variety of audiences, and will learn to think, read, and write critically about significant issues in multiple contexts. A grade of C- or better is required for graduation. Offered fall and spring.

Note: A grade of C- or better is required for graduation.

STS 1100: Intro to Statistical Reasoning

This course is intended to help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of statistics. This foundation will enable them to be rationally critical consumers of statistics, by preparing them to make informed decisions based upon the statistical information with which they are presented on a daily basis. Topics include descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. These topics are approached in a way intended to develop the associated basic skills as well as to help the students develop a deeper understanding. This preparation will make them familiar with the underlying principles and ready them to ask the right types of questions when presented with an argument that relies on statistics.

Note: Math 1510 and higher also satisfy the math requirements or other approved STS/MTH courses such as STS 1000, MTH 1510, MTH 2510, MTH 2520, and STS 2120.