Welcome to the First-Year Writing Program

The First-Year Writing Program at Elon includes three writing courses. English 1100, Writing: Argument and Inquiry, is a required course in the First-Year Foundations in Elon’s Core Curriculum. All sections of English 1100 aim to develop the following:

  • A more sophisticated writing process including invention, peer responding, revising and editing that result in a clear, effective well edited public piece.
  • A more sophisticated understanding of the relationship of purpose, audience, and voice, and an awareness that writing expectations and conventions vary within the academy and in professional and public discourse.
  • An appreciation for the capacity of writing to change oneself and the world.

About the Program

Elon University offers approximately 80 sections of English 1100 Writing: Argument and Inquiry, our required first-year writing course, each year. English 1100 is 4 credit hours and offered both fall and spring, with half of the first-year class taking the course each semester.

All sections of English 1100 share common objectives and experiences, but courses take different approaches and include different writing projects based on faculty expertise and student interest. Some sections of Writing: Argument and Inquiry feature community engagement; others take a decentralized, student-led approach; others practice bookbinding or conduct archival research. All sections provide opportunities for writing practice across academic and non-academic contexts.

  • Class Size Cap: 20
  • AP Score Required for Credit: 4 or 5 on the AP English Language and Composition exam
  • Faculty: Approximately 35 on tenured, tenure-track, lecture-track, limited-term, and part-time lines

This site includes information for students, parents, and First-Year Writing Program faculty. If you cannot find the information you need on this site, please contact the First-Year Writing Coordinator, Dr. Heather Lindenman.