Everyone on Elon’s campus is a teacher and potential mentor. From Elon 101 to advising within majors, academic advisors are a vital part of the Elon Core Curriculum. Mentoring also takes place across campus as faculty and staff work with students in a wide variety of settings. Please take the time to talk with students about the importance of the Elon Core Curriculum, the purpose of individual requirements, and how students might integrate their learning across the program. More learning takes place when students understand the purpose of their requirements.

Teaching Core courses

Faculty members from every undergraduate department teach COR 110, intergrative capstone seminars, and other courses across the program. Those interested in teaching COR 110 should talk to your department chair or the Director of the Elon Core Curriculum. Those interested in proposing new intergrative capstone seminars should use the online Seminar Application form. Suggestions for creating capstone seminars for study abroad programs are found here: Seminar Abroad Tip Sheet. Suggestions for creating online capstone seminars are found here:  Online Seminar Tip Sheet.

Faculty development  opportunities

COR courses are special opportunities to interact with other faculty from across campus. Those teaching COR 110 attend a one-day retreat in August and have access to faculty development lunches every Tuesday during fall and spring semesters. Those teaching COR capstone seminars are invited to lunch a couple of times each semester to talk about capstone projects, the teaching of writing, and other issues of common interest. All faculty are encouraged to take advantage of faculty development opportunities offered through CATL, the Writing Excellence Initiative, and elsewhere.