Picture of students and faculty sitting outside on campusElon recognizes the importance of general education for all students and the unique strengths of our engaged learning model. The Elon Core Curriculum is held to the highest standards of excellence, quality, and accountability. Several measures of program success are included below.

High-Impact Practices

The Elon Core Curriculum brings together 10 nationally recognized “high-impact educational practices” (AAC&U) into an engaging, integrated program of study: first-year seminars and experiences, common intellectual experiences, learning communities, writing-intensive courses, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, diversity and global learning, service learning and community-based learning, internships, and capstone courses. The high-impact practices are structurally embedded within the program for every undergraduate; they are not just special opportunities for some students.

Student Success

Elon University is the only institution recognized by U.S. News & World Report as being among the nation’s best in 8 of 8 rankings of key programs that enrich the college experience. These “student success” categories, corresponding with the high-impact practices mentioned above, all live partly within or interface with Elon’s core curriculum.

A Focus on Writing

Every student takes at least three writing-intensive courses within the core curriculum – ENG 1100, COR 1100, and an interdisciplinary capstone seminar – in addition to many other courses in which high-quality writing is developed and expected. Writing within the core curriculum is enhanced through the work of College Writing Program, the Writing Excellence Initiative, and the Writing Center.

Assessment of Student Learning

Student learning is directly assessed within each category of Elon’s core curriculum on a regular schedule based on the program’s learning goals. Learning and program quality are also indirectly assessed using institutional surveys, student panels, targeted surveys, and exit interviews. This program of assessment leads to continuous improvement and innovation within each part of the program.

Picture of students at an Astronomy labQuality of Teaching / Faculty Participation

Elon is ranked #1 in undergraduate teaching among national universities (U.S. News). Faculty from every undergraduate department participate in Elon’s core curriculum by teaching COR 1100 and COR interdisciplinary capstone seminars. The vast majority are permanent, full-time faculty, including many of the best teacher-scholars on campus.

Curricular Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Program efficiency is important for controlling the costs to families, and for allowing reinvestment into program quality. COR courses at Elon typically run at >90% capacity. Capstone seminars are offered every term, including summer and winter terms, to allow students to graduate on schedule.