Welcome to the First-Year Writing Program

The First-Year Writing Program at Elon includes three writing courses. English 110, Writing: Argument and Inquiry, is a required course in the First Year Foundations in Elon’s Core Curriculum. All sections of English 110 aim to develop the following:

  • A more sophisticated writing process including invention, peer responding, revising and editing that result in a clear, effective well edited public piece.
  • A more sophisticated understanding of the relationship of purpose, audience, and voice, and an awareness that writing expectations and conventions vary within the academy and in professional and public discourse.
  • An appreciation for the capacity of writing to change oneself and the world.

This site includes information for students, parents, and First-Year Writing Program faculty. If you cannot find the information you need on this site, please contact the First-Year Writing Coordinator, Dr. Heather Lindenman.