Residential Policies

Residential policies can be found in the housing agreement and in the following policy website. Students are expected to know, understand, and abide by all residential policies contained within these documents. Students should contact their neighborhood office with any questions about residential policies.

Important Documents & Procedures

Residency Requirement, Rates, and Cancellation

Elon University has a two-year residency requirement and many students choose to live on campus in their third and fourth years as well. The cost of residency varies depending on the type of housing chosen. Visit the Bursar Office website linked below for current rates.


Use the forms linked below for common tasks, such as Housing Accommodation or turning over your Elon owned apartment lease.

Request to Remain on Campus as a Part Time Student
(NOTE: This policy is not in effect for the 2023-2024 academic  year.)

Current students must be enrolled in classes full time to be eligible to live in on-campus housing. If you currently live in on-campus housing and need to adjust your courses to be enrolled in less than 12 credits, you will also need to request to remain on campus as a part time student. To do so, you must complete a request form to be reviewed for approval by the Residence Life Office. You can complete this request form by going to your self-service account and clicking on “Applications and Forms” and then completing the “Part Time Request” form listed there.