Each residential neighborhood maintains a local community office in order to address ongoing student needs, including but not limited to: work orders, health and safety inspections, key maintenance, and assignment information.

Neighborhood office staff also respond to student crisis, roommate conflicts, facility management issues and general student concerns.

Neighborhood office staff include full-time, live-in community directors of residence life, graduate assistants, neighborhood program assistants, senior resident assistants, resident assistants, apartment managers, and student office staff.


  • Office Location: Kivette 101
  • Contacts:
    • Carley Strausser, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Nina Namaste, Faculty Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Khirey Walker, Faculty-in-Residence
    • Keira Klein Anderson, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-7340
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Inside the Kivette lobby beside the office door, Room 101


  • Office Location: Daniel Commons 115
  • Contacts:
    • Tanner Gill, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Evan Small, Faculty Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Paula DiBiasio, Faculty-in-Residence
    • Aly Weaver, Graduate Apprentice
    • Joy Robertson, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-7310
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located on the left side of the office entrance into Daniel Commons room 115.


  • Office Location: LaRose Commons
  • Contacts:
    • Jasmine Hill, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Dinidu Karunanayake, Faculty Director
    • Jane O’Boyle, Faculty-in-Residence
  • Phone: 336-278-7316
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located in the lobby of LaRose Student Commons, on the wall beside the 106 office door.


  • Office Location: Global Commons 101
  • Contacts:
    • Mariann King, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Sandy Marshall, Faculty Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Jessica Gisclair, Faculty-in-Residence
    • Julia Dewitt, Graduate Apprentice
    • Mary Harding, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-7339
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located in Global Commons lobby on the wall next to room 101


  • Office Location: LaRose Commons
  • Contacts:
    • Jordyn Williams, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Claudine Moreau, Faculty Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Kevin Otos, Faculty-in-Residence
    • Caleigh Mackinnon, Graduate Apprentice
    • Amy Vaughn, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-7316
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located in the lobby of LaRose Student Commons, on the wall beside the 106 office door.


  • Office Location: Janice Ratliff Building 101
  • Contacts:
    • Sarah Ann Chapman, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • Phone: 336-278-7300
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located on the exterior of the Janice Ratliff building, and is mounted to the left side of the entrance doors.

Oaks/Park Place

  • Office Location: McCoy Commons 103
  • Contacts:
    • Jen Cole, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Matt Wittstein, Faculty Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Annie Hester, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-4321
  • Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located outside the neighborhood office exit door (The door that faces Oaks F/Sullivan).

Station at Mill Point & Crest

  • Office Location: The Depot 106
  • Contacts:
    • Anna Kyles, Community Director/Neighborhood Association Co-Chair
    • Marcia Dodson, Program Assistant
  • Phone336-278-7313
  • Crest Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located in the Crest Clubhouse which is in Crest building 2010. Please use your passcode to get into the Clubhouse.
  • Station Afterhours Key Drop Box: Located to the right of the outlier fireplace that is on the back of the Mill Point Depot or The Love Family Student Center.