Living on campus provides structure with premier residential and dining facilities and customer services in order to:

  1. Support students’ academic endeavors.
  2. Provide for students’ basic needs of safety, comfort and ability to function within the campus community.
  3. Enhance students’ development of life skills and independence.
  4. Create easy and accessible procedures for campus living.

The following general services assist students in taking advantage of the full Elon experience in and out of the classroom.

General Amenities

Air Conditioning

All buildings/rooms are air-conditioned.


All residential facilities are equipped with wifi. Students should visit the Student Tech Guides on the Information Technology website to learn about Network Connectivity and Television, including information on connecting their personal devices, including laptops, mobile devices, smart TVs, Rokus, gaming consoles, and more to Elon’s network. The Student Tech Guide will walk students through other technology resources as well. Note that student rooms are not equipped with phone lines.

Furniture and Bed Lofting

For the convenience of students, all rooms in Elon’s residential facilities are furnished with beds, desks, dressers and/or wardrobes. Rooms are furnished with extra-long twin beds, except single rooms in Global, East, and Colonnades have full beds. We recommend students use bed rails for lofted and bunked beds. Bed rails and lofting supplies are available during move-in days or by submitting a FixIt with Facilities Management.

All Twin XL Beds can lofted to a max height of 76 inches, a minimum height of 7 inches with 3 inch increments in between. Full beds can be raised to a max height of 36 inches, minimum of 7 inches with 3 inch increments, they cannot be lofted.

Students will be responsible for adjusting the height of their bed (raised, lowered, or lofted) and a video of how to do this upon move-in can be found here under Resident Bed Construction,

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available at convenient locations throughout the residential facilities. They are operated via Phoenix Cash (except at The Crest which uses a different system). Much more information on laundry can be found here.

Smoke Free Environments

Elon University residence halls and apartments are smoke free. Students are not permitted to smoke within 30 feet of any university building.

Trash Receptacles/Recycling

Trash and recycling areas are provided in each residential facility. Most rooms on campus do not have trash/recycling cans in the rooms.

Room Amenities