An Extraordinary Experience

Students who live on campus are closer to their classes, the library, computer labs and other facilities. Campus residents are more involved in student organizations and often have higher GPAs.

Our Mission

Elon University Residence Life supports students’ holistic development by integrating academic, social and residential experiences, developing dynamic, inclusive, and intellectual living communities, and encouraging students’ growth as active global citizens.

Our Values

  • Community: creating safe, secure environments that support learning and a feeling of belonging, sharing standards and goals, being accountable and responsible and supporting the common good.
  • Mutual Respect: Building consideration and regard for acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Service to Every Student: Providing effective and innovative assistance to every student by supporting their learning/growth and the advancement of knowledge, skill and understanding wholeness.
  • Staff Development: Offering the resources and training opportunities for staff to grow and engage students.

Living and Learning

Elon is working toward a goal of having 75 percent of undergraduates living on campus. A strong residential experience connects students to Elon’s vibrant academic and student life programs and contributes to a more intellectual campus climate.

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