What is Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH)?

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) provides students with the opportunity to room with student(s) regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation. Elon offers GIH options to help create an environment that acknowledges, appreciates, and respects our diverse student body while giving students more flexibility to participate in a living learning community of their choice and find, or be placed with, a supportive roommate. This community is open to all residential students.

Students may also be interested in the Gender and Sexuality LLC in Colonnades. More information on the LLC can be found here.

General Guidelines

Returning Students

  • Students may choose their own roommates/apartment-mates as part of the returning student Housing Selection process.
  • Returning students may choose to live in single or double occupancy rooms in apartment-style housing. Residence hall spaces and Danieley Flats will typically remain gender specific housing.

Incoming Students

  • Students in Gender Inclusive Housing can initially choose their roommates, or be placed with someone else interested in Gender Inclusive Housing
  • Limited scholarships are available for students with significant financial need who may also need to be assigned a single room. Please contact residencelife@elon.edu
  • Students selecting Gender Inclusive Housing assignments agree to the rules established regarding the filling of vacancies. Should a space in GIH become vacant, the current occupant will be contacted to discuss how to best fill the space or Residence Life will work to fill the space as is needed.

How to Apply for Gender Inclusive Housing

  • When completing your housing application, there will be designated question that asks “Are you interested in living in Gender Inclusive Housing?” At that time, you should indicate your interest in Gender Inclusive Housing.
  • Students who indicate an interest will have a few brief additional questions displayed within the housing application
  • Students who do NOT indicate an interest will be prompted to continue with the rest of the housing application
  • After submitting the application, Residence Life staff will contact those who indicated a preference for Gender Inclusive Housing to discuss their options and determine a best placement.

If you have any questions, concerns, or specific needs to be considered, please feel free to contact Residence Life at residencelife@elon.edu