Working Together to Reduce Costs

Property damage and loss in the residence halls affects all of us. Damages and losses often compromise the safety, security and comfort of community members, so we need to work together to reduce the impact that damages have on our buildings.

How the Damage Policy Works

  1. A resident or staff member reports common area property damages.
  2. Residence Life staff, in consultation with Facilities Management, determine the cost for repair or replacement.
  3. The person(s) responsible for the damage, if known, receives a bill for the damage.
  4. If the person(s) responsible is not known, charges are billed to the members of the community.
  5. Costs for common area damages at the end of the year are assigned by the Assistant Director and billed directly over the summer by Residence Life.

Does This Policy Work?

Over time, we have seen damages decrease because of this policy. Here are several reasons why we believe it works:

  1. Damage and loss in the residence halls have been significantly reduced.
  2. Many residents have become more active in reducing damage and loss.
  3. Several buildings on campus have been able to identify the person(s) responsible for damages and loss so no charges had to be recovered from residents of the hall.

What Can I Do to Reduce Damage?

  1. Report damage to your neighborhood office as soon as you notice it or complete a FIXIT request.
  2. Don’t allow non-residents into the building. Sometimes damages are caused by non-community members.
  3. Don’t prop doors.
  4. Don’t remove screens from windows.