Residence life is deeply committed to helping all students have a positive experience in the residential communities. Perhaps one of the difficult adjustments that students have in their residential communities is sharing a room/space. We know through years of experience that the most successful roommate pairings are the ones that effectively communicate with each other. We have staff in the residential communities (RAC, AM, RA, CD) that are willing to help students communicate but ultimately the students must talk through any issues. When communication fails, or when changes are needed, we have a process for residents to follow.

Room or residential changes may occur two weeks after each term has begun, on a space available basis. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, changes should not be made prior to this time. All persons involved in a room change must be aware of the circumstances and understand the steps. If you are having difficulties in your current room, contact a residence life staff member. Roommates are expected to try to resolve conflicts, but where a resolution cannot be found a room change will be considered. Please be aware that there are usually limited spaces open on campus.

For apartment residents only: If you remain an enrolled student and wish to cancel your lease (for your current space) and move to a new space, you, the resident, will have to find another tenant (meeting certain criteria) to fill the spot or you will be obligated to pay for the space until filled. You cannot participate in Room Change Day until you have found a replacement for your apartment space.

For students in living learning communities: Because you have agreed to stay in the community and be involved for the entire academic year, you are not permitted to move out of the LLC unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Room Freeze: July 1 – Sept 10 (no room changes approved during this time)
  • Room Change Day: September 10 8am – 10am; Global Commons 201
  • Room Freeze: December 1 – February 11 (no room changes approved during this time)

Please note that while we prepare for the arrival of new incoming students for winter and spring terms, we will not be able to accommodate room changes.

Winter/Spring Semester Room Change Dates

  • Room Freeze: December 1 – February 11 (no room changes approved during this time)
  • Room Change Day: February 11 8-10am in Global Commons 201. First come, first served.
  • Room Freeze: May 1 through end of semester

Room Change Day Process

  1. Get a list of available vacancies from one of the neighborhood offices. Lists will be available beginning the Friday before room change day.
  2. Go meet/call individuals on the list. We suggest that you actually visit the rooms.
  3. Come to room change day to get your room change approved and begin the necessary paperwork. If the space is still available, the office will go through the final steps to complete the move.
  4. Room change day is first come first served.
  5. Only one roommate needs to be present but this person must have the student ID number(s) of everyone involved in the move.
  6. If neither student can attend, a proxy may be sent in his/her place.

If you have questions, please contact your neighborhood office.