Room Changes Policies & Procedures

Residence Life is deeply committed to helping all students have a positive experience in the residential communities, particularly as they navigate how to share a room/space. Effective communication is the key to helping this new experience be as successful as it can be, so Residence Life has trained student and professional staff within the residential communities available to help students who may need assistance talking through issues with each other. However, sometimes changes are warranted, so Residence Life has a room change process when this is applicable.

Room Change Process – Residence Hall Residents Only

The graphic below outlines what the room change process looks like step by step when there are rooms available that are of interest to the student(s). Please keep in mind that the process below is subject to room availability and there may not always be an approval at step two if the room availability is limited.

Steps for a Room Change in a Residence Hall

  1. Student completes the housing application in their self-service.
  2. The students Community Director will be in touch via email to set up a meeting to go over the application
  3. If the request is approved, the Community Director will be in touch with a new housing option along with resources
  4. Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a Holiday) the official room change is sent out which includes notifying any any new roommates along with the prior roommates. This allows time to prepare the space along with time for the new roommates to create living norms within a shared space by completing a new roommate agreement
  5. Thursday/ Friday the student can pick up their new key from their new neighborhood office between 8am-5 pm and complete their room condition report via their self-service page under RCR
  6. The following Monday by noon, the prior room key most be turned in to the original neighborhood office


Things to Consider

During the first few weeks of the term, each roommate completes a roommate agreement outlining expectations for their shared space. Room or residential changes may occur two weeks after each term has begun if space availability permits. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, changes will not be made prior to this time.  All persons involved in a room change must be aware of the circumstances and understand the steps. If you are having difficulties in your current room, contact a residence life staff member within your respective neighborhood. Roommates are encouraged to participate in a mediation facilitated by professional staff, including Dr Linda Dunn, before a room change will be considered. Please be aware that there are usually limited spaces open on campus

Apartment Residents

For apartment residents only: If you remain an enrolled student and wish to cancel your lease (for your current space) and move to a new space, you, the resident, will have to find another student (meeting certain criteria) to fill the spot. This is called the “Lease Turnover Process”. More information on Lease Turnovers.

If not, you could be obligated to pay for the space until it’s filled. The replacement for your space must be an enrolled Elon student. Station and Park Place neighborhoods are for juniors and seniors only. First-year students are not permitted to live in on-campus apartment spaces.

LLC Residents

For students in living-learning communities: Because you have agreed to stay in the community and be involved for the entire academic year, you are not permitted to move out of the LLC unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  • Room Freeze: First two weeks of the term and last three weeks of the term

Please note that while we prepare for the arrival of new incoming students for the winter and spring terms, we will not be able to accommodate room changes. Any room changes for the fall term will need to be completed before the Thanksgiving break begins.

If you have questions, please contact your neighborhood office.