The Traditions Council works with campus partners (hosts/sponsors) to maintain the nature of valued Elon University traditions and support the development of new traditions designed to build school spirit.



  • Keeper of Traditions – Work with various institutional partners (hosts/sponsors) to ensure that valued university-sponsored traditions and the spirit of those traditions is maintained.
  • Eye to the Future – Recognize the inevitable institutional evolution and strategize to proactively engage with the community and prepare for needed changes to our traditions (and reduce potential controversy around lost traditions).
  • Strengthen our Community and Enhance School Spirit – Focus on the values of the institution, and work with campus partners to identify and support the development of new traditions.
  • Education – Work with various campus partners to ensure the university is educating the community about Elon traditions and communicating the value or purpose behind them.
  • Support Student Initiatives – For those traditions that are started by students organically and meet the values of the institution, identify ways they can or should best support the initiatives of the institution (recognizing that sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action).


  • Two student members are appointed by SGA to serve a one-year term with the option of applying for an additional term.
  • Five (or more) student members are selected by nomination/application, with involvement from a variety of student experiences (programming organizations, cultural student groups, fraternities/sororities, academic interests, etc.).


  • Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students (or designee of the Vice President for Student Life) – chair
  • Director of Alumni Engagement (or designee of the Senior Vice President for Advancement and External Affairs)
  • Deputy Director of Athletics (or designee of the Director of Athletics)
  • University Chaplain (or designee)
  • University Archivist
  • Three faculty appointees (appointed by the Provost for rotating three-year terms)

For more information on the Traditions Council, current membership, and an application to join the council, visit their PhoenixCONNECT page.